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Holiday Traditions in an Open Adoption

Making holiday traditions in an open adoption

Making holiday traditions in an open adoptionAt our Texas adoption agency, we believe in the modern adoption process. In a modern adoption, birth parents and adoptive parents decide how much, if any, contact should occur between the child and the birth parents. For some people, this means phone calls. For others, it means sharing photos and updates about the child with the birth parents. Developing holiday traditions in an open adoption is one positive aspect of the modern adoption process.

Ways birth parents can celebrate holiday traditions in an open adoption

As a birth parent, you gave your child and their new family the best gift they will ever receive. This gift is the chance to love and grow together as a family. If you are part of an open adoption, you can do some things this holiday season to celebrate your relationship with your birth child and their parents.

  • Write a heartfelt letter.
  • Send a holiday gift.
  • Honor your past and your heritage by sharing stories and traditions.
  • Schedule a phone call or a video call.

We also recommend that you do something every year to acknowledge your birth child and celebrate you and the gift you and the child’s family share. This could be anything from hanging a special ornament or spending time alone to reflect.

Ways adoptive parents can help birth parents celebrate the gift they share

Your child’s birth parents chose to give their child to you. Celebrate the special gift they have given you by doing something special for them over the holidays.

  • Give them something the child makes.
  • Make a book with photos from the past year.
  • Give them a special ornament each year.
  • If you are comfortable, meet with them in person and share news about your child.
  • Invite them to an event your child participates in if everyone is comfortable.

Our Texas adoption agency creates loving families who build new traditions

At our Texas adoption agency, our staff works with birth parents and adoptive parents to create loving families. We encourage our families to incorporate their children’s heritage into their own family traditions. Depending on the adoption agreement adoptive families have with birth parents, they can also build new traditions that celebrate the legacy and love surrounding their children’s births and placement. Holiday traditions in an open adoption are a gift to everyone. For more information about the domestic adoption process, contact us.

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