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Trusting God’s Path

Trusting God’s Path; An Adoptive Family Story

Throughout my whole life, my plan was to have 3 kids.  I liked the dynamics of 3, the chaos of 3.  Our 3rd son, Zack, was born premature at 26 weeks and lived days.  While grieving for him, I was also grieving for my (perceived) incomplete family.  

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National Adoption Awareness Month

National Adoption Month has been celebrated for over two decades. Every November, organizations come together to recognize adoption, to celebrate those who have been adopted and to raise awareness for those who are still waiting to be adopted.

According to the most recent report there are over 428,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted.

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The Importance of Education

An unplanned pregnancy can cause those involved to rethink many things, one of those being their education. Some are on their way to graduation, some are in college and some are striving to get their GED. The thought of having a baby can cause both mom and dad to put their education on hold.

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