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Adoption – You Are Not Giving Up Your Baby

The truth about adoption is that you are not giving up your baby

You have probably heard the term giving up your baby when referring to an expectant mother’s choice to place her child for adoption. This is an outdated term that we as Texas adoption specialists are eager to expel from popular vocabulary. You are not giving up your baby.

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Who Gets to Name the Baby in an Adoption?

Three tips for determining who gets to name the baby in an adoption

Naming a baby is exciting for all new parents. Many have imagined what their child’s name would be for years. But when it comes time to decide who gets to name the baby in an adoption, the roles can be unclear. Who has the right to name the child loved by two sets of parents?

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How to Talk to Family about Adoption

Our Texas adoption agency offers advice on how to talk to family about adoption

Are you wondering how to talk to family about adoption? Whether you’re an expectant parent considering adoption, or a hopeful parent waiting to adopt, chances are you’ve been hit with tough questions from those who love you most.

The counselors at our Texas adoption agency know that what is intended as protection often feels like judgment.

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Tips for Coping With an Unplanned Pregnancy

Coping with an unplanned pregnancy can be scary. Legacy is here to offer support

Maybe she is a teenager and her parents don’t know. Perhaps she is single and cannot imagine parenting alone. She may be under the weight of an addiction, fighting her way to health. There are dozens of reasons why coping with an unplanned pregnancy can be a terrifying and lonely road for a woman.

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November is National Adoption Month

Legacy helps spread awareness and information during National Adoption Month

Each November, foster care and adoption advocates around the country unite for National Adoption Month. For the past 19 years, families, public agencies and private organizations have spent the month hosting events, spreading information, recruiting new parents and raising funds, all to promote the importance of adoption.

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