Legacy Adoption Services

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About Us

How we Met

We first met in high school. We lived in different parts of Texas and had a mutual friendship. At that time, our relationship was simply a friendship. However, we stayed in touch through our college years. We would periodically connect online. Our first in-person lunch, reconnecting after 6 years of not seeing one another, lasted for 3 hours and we both left knowing we wanted to know each other more. Colin began to very intentionally pursue a deeper friendship with Jeleah and shortly after reconnecting shared his desire to date. Out of a respect and care for each other, we wanted to date with a purpose. So our dating relationship was pretty serious right from the start. While Jeleah lived in Nashville and Colin in Dallas, we talked regularly for hours. We’d talk about everything from our spiritual beliefs, to family dreams, to favorite hobbies, what we were learning and everything in between. Colin was fortunate enough to work for an airline which provided us frequent opportunity to visit on weekends. We often spent our Saturdays exploring, eating & listening to live music as we talked and grew our relationship.  We would say that we had a very strong feeling that from the day we started officially dating that we would never separate. We dated 6 months before Colin asked Jeleah to marry him, then after a 6 month engagement we said “I do” in Dallas surrounded by our closest friends & family.

Our Family

Some of our favorite traditions in our family surround birthdays! We start the day with a special breakfast of pancakes so the birthday person can start their day with a candle & a birthday wish! We also gift experiences over things. From aquariums to arcades to water parks, we have found the memories made to be so much more valuable than any toy could be. Then we also always have both sides of the family over to grill and eat cake. Celebrating each family members is a favorite of ours for sure!

Our Home

We live in a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home that is where we plan to raise our children for their entire childhoods. We live next door to Colin’s parents and it is a huge blessing in our lives. They have a pool in their backyard, so it’s pretty fun to feel like we have two large play spaces - one with a garden, mud kitchen and room to run and the other with access to a pool and cabana for the hot summer Texas days, but in a completely safe & separate area.

Jeleah homeschools our children, as well as Colin offices out of our home, so we have spent time creating it to be a haven that we all enjoy spending time in!

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family. We understand how big of a decision this is and we pray that you feel peace and considered through this entire process. We too feel the weight of this decision, and after years of knowing that adoption would one day be a part of our story, we are humbled for you to even consider us as a family for your child. We are praying for you every day. - Colin & Jeleah