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About Us

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In 2016, Jared and I met on Tinder and began going on a few dates. We met in October and decided to go on our first date to downtown Austin on Halloween which happens to be Alena’s favorite holiday. We went to a 24/7 diner called Magnolia and walked to get donuts at Voodoo Donuts. Since our first date went well, Jared asked Alena to join his recreational volleyball league in Georgetown. Jared and Alena were both very skeptical but for different reasons. Jared was not sure if Alena had any volleyball skill but he wanted to spend more time with her. Alena was skeptical because she had played collegiate volleyball and is very competitive. Neither disappointed! We won the league championship together the very next year. Alena joined Jared’s church, and we got a mini Australian Shepherd together. Officially, we moved in together and decided to get engaged in June of 2017. In December of 2017, we got married in Alena’s hometown. During our wedding, there was a tropical storm that had formed off the coast of Galveston and it made for a very stormy wedding day. When we left our wedding, we drove to Houston in the storm and arrived around 3AM. The next morning, we woke up, went to eat Italian and left the country to honeymoon in Mexico. Our wedding day and honeymoon still offer some of our fondest memories and adventures with each other. We have been married for over 5 years. During this time, we have grown as individuals, parents, and as a couple.

Alena is passionate, driven, kind, creative, focused, compassionate, and easy to get along with. Alena relaxes by having a day of watching shows on Netflix. As a family, we stay active with activities and experiences. For example, we will visit the Crayola Factory or go to the Natural History Museum. Alena has always had a drive to work with people who have disabilities. Alena works as a behavior specialist and has a passion for working with elementary aged students and staff on building communication skills for students with challenging behaviors. Alena wants to be a mom that guides, mentors, and teachers her children. Alena feels that she can do this by staying home part time with our children and provide them opportunities to grow through experiences. As they get older, Alena wants to enroll our children at the school she works at. Guidance, mentorship, opportunity, and experiences are ways to grow our children into smart, caring, empathetic, driven, and goal orientated people.

Jared is easy going, fun, hard working, smart, and adventurous. Jared likes to spend his weekends doing activities like going kayaking, riding the mule around the ranch, playing soccer, or going to the park. Jared works in the field of real estate and has times of the year where he pours so much extra time into our children. Jared is able to work from home and in the spring and fall, he has unlimited time off of work. This allows for a flexible schedule to be able to provide our children and Alena what they need. For example, Jared will wake up and cook breakfast each morning for the family and make dinner. Jared believes that he should nurture, protect, and build confidence in his children. Jared wants to teach his children to have spiritual confidence and to set a good example for them. Jared does not want his children to hesitate to lean into their faith. Jared wants them to know he is proud of who they are, proud of who they will be, and that they have true value beyond the good or poor choices they make.

Our Family

We have traditions mainly for holidays such as Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, and birthdays. For Christmas, we go to the family ranch and have a Christmas Eve diner and open gifts. Also, we like to go outside and look for Santa and the reindeer after we bake cookies, make hot chocolate, and do gingerbread houses. For Easter, we like to color and hunt eggs. All of our activities are child friendly and we are so excited to add a 4th stocking to our fireplace for our new baby.

Our Home

Short walk to the old fashioned ice cream shop and candy store

We live in a quiet neighborhood that is within walking distance to an elementary school, downtown dining options, and a park that includes 3 playgrounds, a splashpad, baseball field, soccer field, tennis courts, and football field. We know each of our neighbors and our community has many events for residents. The city holds at least one event per month including: Festival at the Switchyard, Fall Festival, Farmers Markets (every other Saturday), and Holiday Celebrations. Our home was re-built in 2021 and consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. We have an open concept so the kitchen, dining, and living room are all connected. We have a detached garage and driveway and a fairly large backyard. Currently, we are remodeling our backyard and it will be completed in the Spring of 2023. We are adding a deck, outdoor play equipment, and storage shed. At this time, when we want to play outside, we walk to the playground and have a picnic (usually chick-fil-a). The structure and rules of our home is very focused on children. We have specific tools in each section of the home that are child friendly. For example, we have a snack cart and mini fridge that can be utilized at anytime for kids to get their own snacks. Also, in each child's bedroom they have a clothing rack where we give them several options to pick out their own clothes for the day. We have set up these spaces to foster independence and teach life skills for toddlers. We work towards molding our home to fit our children and their needs.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reviewing our profile and getting to know our family

We want to thank you for taking your valuable time to read about our family and getting to know us. We hope that it has given you a glimpse into our lives and shown you the love that we have to share with a child. We have so much respect for your decision to consider adoption for this child. While we cannot imagine what you are feeling, we believe you know what is best for your child regardless if it it to pursue adoption or not. Please know that any child that joins our family will be loved unconditionally. He will be given every opportunity in life to pursue his dreams. But most importantly, they will always be reminded of who they are, where they came from and the love that their birth mother has for them. We wish you the best as you journey through the adoption process and decide what is best for you and your child.