Legacy Adoption Services

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About Us

Our Story

We met in California when David was in his medical residency and Maggie was working at her first job as an Occupational Therapist. Our first date was a dinner that David planned. Once we met and sat down to get to know each other the rest was history. We had so many similarities with our Irish backgrounds, family values, silly humor, and excitement for life.

We have a loving relationship filled with positivity. We listen with love and speak with kindness. We have balance in our lives by sharing in laughter as much as possible and slowing down to enjoy the little things.

Our Family

Traditions in our household include celebrating the holidays as well as seasonal activities. We celebrate Christmas, New Years, Easter, 4th of July and everything in between. In the winter time we like to go as a family to get a Christmas tree together to bring home and decorate in our own unique way. We also like to travel during the different seasons and experience different weather and cultures.

Our Home

Home sweet home

Our neighborhood is nestled in between the sunny beach with the fresh ocean air and a lively downtown with countless activities, such as the zoo, aquarium, and children's museums. We live in a beautiful 4 bedroom house in a very family friendly community with several great parks, a duck pond, and walking paths in the surrounding area. Our town has several community happenings year-round such as festivals, fundraisers, and social events for families. Some events in particular that we enjoy are the parades for most major holidays, as this is a fun way for the community to gather and an exciting time for young children, some are in town and some take place on the bay with decorated boats.

Final Thoughts

Home sweet home

We are fortunate to have a beautiful and quiet home for our family. It is a relaxing space with wonderful sunny views of grass fields and small rolling hills. It is a single floor home and is open in layout for when we have friends and family over. Some fun features include a cozy media room for our family movie nights and built in speakers in our living area for the spontaneous feel good dance party. We have a spacious fenced backyard perfect for some private space to play with our Pomeranian dog and a patio for lounging on cool nights. The front yard has plenty of light at night and beautiful plants including young trees to grow with our family. We have a scenic duck pond on our street where we see all sorts of beautiful birds on our evening walks and where we can easily catch a common beautiful pink sky sunset. We feel so fortunate to have a home that is peaceful and relaxing with a feel of the outdoors, and close to neighborhood amenities such as a splash pad, lap pool.