Legacy Adoption Services

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About Us

A little about us

We couldn’t believe we sat near each other in nursing school for 2 years and never shared more than a few words with each other. After going on our first date, almost a year after graduation, we realized how much we had in common and we were instantly attached to each other. We realized we grew up with similar beliefs and enjoyed the same hobbies. We love sports and going to events together, cheering on our favorite team. We both love trying new restaurants and exploring new cities. We love to ride around looking at mountain views and just enjoy each others company. We love to plan vacations with the kids and surprise them with new adventures. We truly are best friends. We love each other so deeply. We respect each other and stand behind each others dreams. We make sure to put each other first and continue learning ways to grow our relationship with each other and the Lord. Having children was always a dream of ours, even before we were married. We love parenting together and we are so grateful for these special blessings that God has given us.

Our Family

Our Home

Our Home and community

We live in a very safe and welcoming neighborhood. We have a lot of diversity within our little community. We have a fun little park located right behind our house that our children love to go to and play. We also have a walk way around our neighborhood that we enjoy walking or riding our bicycles. We have a 3 story house with 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms. We have a nice fenced in backyard with lots of fun things for kids to do. We have a deck that overlooks big trees and the neighborhood park. We love our sweet house and community that is very convenient to the city and country.

Final Thoughts

Thank you

Thank you for taking time to learn about our family. We admire your decision and pray that you have a sense of peace while choosing someone for your sweet baby. If we are chosen, we want you to know that we will love your child with all our hearts. We will always share the incredible way you love them.