Legacy Adoption Services

About Us

Our Love Story

We have been married almost 9 years and together for 14. We met through mutual friends at a restaurant shortly after Meagan moved to Dallas. We were both there to watch a football game and Jerry gave up his seat facing the TV so that Meagan could see the TV screen. His kindness immediately sparked Meagan’s attention. We ended the evening playing pool and really hit it off. We dated for 5 years as Jerry went back to school to pursue a second Bachelors degree. As soon as he graduated, he popped the question in the living room of Meagan’s apartment. We got married 7 months later at a bed and breakfast located in downtown Dallas. Our ceremony was small and intimate and Jerry’s best friend since elementary school officiated our wedding.

We welcomed our daughter, Claire Victoria, in 2019 after years of infertility and we thank God every day for her. Watching her grow, hearing her laugh, and teaching her things brings us so much joy. We so look forward to sharing those same experiences with another child one day!

Our relationship has always been fun and easy. We are truly partners and best friends, as cliché as it may sound. We love each others company and just about everything we do, we do together. We have had our share of hardships, like battling infertility, losing our son and Meagan’s brother, but we lean on each other for support and it has made our relationship stronger. We are committed to one another and to our family for a lifetime.

Our Family

Spending time together as a family is extremely important to us. We make it a point to have dinner together every evening with no cell phones or distractions. The weekends are spent doing fun activities, like going to the zoo, spending time at the pool, or watching movies together.

Holidays and birthdays are a big deal in our house and we celebrate all of them! We also travel somewhere new every year as a family. Our goal is to give our kids the best memories and experiences possible.

Our Home

Home is our happy place!

We live in a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom house in the north suburbs of Dallas, Texas. Our home is bright, clean, spacious and in a beautiful community. We have a fenced in backyard and patio which has a lot of room to play! Our front porch has rocking chairs where we like to have sit and enjoy our coffee in the morning. There are 4 parks within walking distance from our house, as well as a city center with shops, restaurants, and a lake just a short stroll away. The elementary school is a few blocks down the street as well. Everyone is so friendly and the sidewalks are often full of people walking their dogs or going for a stroll.

Final Thoughts

Thank You

We are so grateful that you took the time to learn about our family! If given the chance to join you in loving this child, this same commitment we have made to our daughter and our life as a family will be our commitment both to you and your child. You have our deepest love and respect, and we are praying that you find peace and comfort in whatever decision you make.