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About Us

Our Story as a Couple

We met when we just finished high school. We are both a couple and also best friends. Our families know each other very well too. We have been together through many stages of our lives and through good and bad times, which has made us resilient and has strengthened the love for each other.

Julio is a Bilingual Elementary Teacher. He is very supportive and loving of our family. He is a very good husband and very collaborative at home. He enjoys organizing and decorating the house and taking care of the garden. He is a great for Laura and enjoys reading to her, playing together with Legos, going to the zoo, museum, and the park. His background as an elementary teacher is very beneficial for Laura since he spends time teacher her reading, writing and Math.

Carolina is a Supply Chain Manager for a chemical company; she is a wonderful wife and mother. Together we make a good team supporting each other and taking care of Laura. We like spending time together as a couple, sharing what happened during the day, taking about Laura’s anecdotes, and discussing our plans for the future. Carolina is a very nurturing mom, she enjoys playing with Laura, reading books to her at night, taking her to school and swimming practices.

Our Family

December is a very special month since we celebrate Laura's birthday, Carolina's mom birthday on December 24th, the day before Christmas, and also Laura's favorite aunt's birthday on December 10th.

Our Home

Home is where the heart is

We have been living in our community for several years. We love our home because is the place where we like to spend time together as a family.
Excellent educational, recreational, and medical facilities are available in close proximity to where we live.

Final Thoughts

Our Final Thoughts and Thanks to You

Thank you for your time in reading our profile and considering us. We are excited about adding a new child to our household. Our daughter Laura is also very excited about having a little sibling and sharing her Jack and Jill bathroom with him or her. We predict many sleepovers to be shared over the years, and we look forward to watching the bond grow between them.

We understand that this decision is not easy, and we will be praying for you. We would be honored to be chosen as your adoptive family.

Julio, Carolina, and Laura