Legacy Adoption Services

About Us

We have been married for 10 years and known each other for 15 years. We are best friends!

Audrey grew up in Dallas, Texas and has lived in Dallas her entire life except for college at Texas A&M! Audrey has a Bachelors Degree in Petroleum Engineering from A&M and currently works as a Petroleum Engineer at an Oil and Gas company in Dallas. John also grew up in Dallas, Texas and has lived in Dallas his entire life except for when he was at Texas A&M. He has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and a Masters in Finance and currently works in Finance at a manufacturing company.

We met when Audrey was 16 and John was 18 while playing a pickup game of football with mutual friends. We were on the same team and both were playing as receivers. Audrey is very competitive so when the play started, she took of running across the field and was looking toward the quarterback. Little did she realize that she was running directly for John and ended we ended up colliding at full speed. Audrey kneed John straight in the crotch and he was out of the game for a good 15 minutes. What a first impression! Audrey was convinced that John would never want to talk to her again and surely wouldn’t be interested in a girl who was competitive and loved to play football. But the next day, John asked Audrey for her number and the friendship began! We were friends for a year and then started dating right before Audrey started her freshman year at A&M. We dated for three years before getting engaged, and then were engaged for a year before getting married in 2012!

We work hard to keep our marriage as a top priority. We meet with two other couples every single week, which we call our community group, to talk about how we are pursuing our spouses but also pursuing God. We believe that the key to a successful marriage is realizing that God needs to be the number one priority in that relationship, hands down. These couples help keep us on track and ensure we are not only loving each other well, but loving our children well too. We also serve in our church’s pre-marital ministry where we help couples who are dating or seriously engaged process whether they should get married or not. Going through the curriculum for that class every year helps us to refocus our relationship as well and ensure we are always improving!

Our Family

Holidays are a big deal at our house, specifically Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! We always get together with lots of family and friends because we believe that the best way to celebrate is with those that we love all around us. For Easter we always host family and friends who have nowhere else to go at Audrey's parent's house and do a fun Easter Egg hunt for all the kids! We do the same for Thanksgiving and Christmas, the more the merrier and can't wait to add a new child too!

Our Home

Home Sweet Home!

We bought our home in 2012, right before our wedding, and remodeled the entire house shortly after we got married which truly made the house "our own". Our house is 2,300 square feet on a 0.25 acre lot in Dallas County with three bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. Our front yard and backyard are our favorite parts of the house - they are huge and so beautiful! Our backyard is really stunning and friends and family always comment on it when they come over. We have a large tree in the middle that makes it nice and shady. The grass is green and lush with great landscaping and then we have the four raised beds where we grow vegetables and a chicken coop and run for the chickens!!

We love to play outside with our kids which usually involves playing soccer, riding bikes and scooters, working in the garden, playing in the sprinkles or playing chalk. Honestly, just anything to get us to enjoy the outside! We also have a swing in the front that babies love to enjoy.

The reason we bought this house in the first place though is because of the neighborhood. It is an extremely family friendly neighborhood with kids all around and an incredible elementary school nearby. We live in an area called the "Disney Streets" where most of the streets have a Disney themed name! The neighborhood association puts on lots of fun events for the kids including a yearly celebration, complete with snow cones and a petting zoo, to a Halloween parade through the neighborhood, complete with a fire truck to lead the parade! We also have a great walking trail that runs in the middle of the neighborhood that we love to take the kids on walks on.

We have become great friends with our neighbors too, most of which have kids or grandkids themselves! One of our neighbors in particular has a boy and a girl that are just a little bit older than our kids. They love to peek over the fence and say hello to us and ask if we can come play! They are some of our kid's best friends and we just love that our whole street feels like home, not just our own house itself.

We can't wait to add another child to our house and to our fun neighborhood!

Final Thoughts

Thank you for considering us!

We are so excited to add another child to our family and ask that you thoughtfully and prayerfully consider us. We know that the decision you are making is extremely difficult and we respect you so much for choosing life for your baby. Even thought we don't know you, we are already praying for you and your baby. We promise to love your baby unconditionally and ensure that your baby knows just how brave their mother is! Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to getting to know you!