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About Us

How It All Started

Logan and I met in college at the University of Oklahoma working for the football team as equipment managers. This meant we worked long hours together each week and traveled with the football team. What started as a working friendship turned into us getting to know each a lot more and spending all of our time together outside of school and practices. We would each find excuses to invite the other one to hangout with our friends just so we could see each other and we also had a huge bond over both of us growing up loving Oklahoma football.

Logan and I dated for a year before we got engaged and now we have been married for five years! These past five years have only deepened our friendship and adoration through good times and the hard times. Our infertility diagnosis deepened our love and dependence on the Lord and brought us closer together. The adoption process has been one full of hope and we truly can’t wait to see each other as parents and take care of a baby.

Our Family

We really love to go all out for the Christmas season and we begin decorating our house the day after Thanksgiving by putting up our Christmas tree and Christmas lights on the roof. Another tradition at Christmas is to attend our church's Christmas concert and Christmas Eve service with our friends from our community group. With our immediate and extended family we enjoy baking Christmas cookies and driving around with hot chocolate looking at people's Christmas lights.

Our Home

Our Home

Our neighborhood was one of the biggest selling points for us choosing to live where we do. The families on our block love hosting backyard barbecues, play dates, and have always been there when we have needed them. We live in a suburban community that is walking distance from a wonderful park and is a safe place for families to raise children in. Our neighborhood is zoned to some of the best schools in the area. We live in a four bedroom, two bathroom house with a spacious play area inside and in the backyard. Our driveway even has a basketball goal where we enjoy shooting hoops! It has been the perfect house to host family and friends for holidays, events, and the occasional game night.

Final Thoughts

In Closing

We hope that through this profile you get a glimpse of who we are and what our family is like. Above everything else, we pray for peace and comfort for you as you go through this process. As much as we desire to be parents, we desire the best for you and your baby even more. Thank you again for taking the time and we're excited for this journey to continue. Sincerely, Logan & Brittany