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About Us

Our Story

We met in high school! We started as friends and had zero intentions of dating. We both were very into sports and enjoyed hanging out at different sprting events together. John is a year older than I am, and our fun eventually came to a halt when he graduated and went off to college. We continued to talk, but our lives had started to take on different paths. Fast forward to about a year and I was starting my freshman year of college. I decided to reach out to John to tell him that my dreams of attending this specific school were coming true. I secretly just wanted to talk to him again. He told me he was in town and wanted to celebrate. We went to a concert and then out to eat. We stayed up all night laughing and reminiscing. This ended up being our first date! For weeks to come, we looked for every opportunity to talk to each other. John moved back states away for football but the distance couldnt seperate us. We continued to date for 4 years before John proposed and we were engaged.

We have alot in common, which helps keep our marriage strong, but we also believe in strong communication. This has been extremely important to us during trying times such as infertility. Instead of letting the stress and anxiety push us apart, we came together as a unit and made sure to communicate our needs and desires for our future family. We also makes it a priority to continue to date each other. Just because we are married doesnt mean we have to stop going on dates and showing each other affection. Our marriage is a priority to us, and we have learned what works for us to keep it healthy and strong. Respecting each other and truly listening to the other person’s thoughts and feelings are two things that help us stay connected.

We love to hang out with our two pups, Benson and Sheila. It might be difficult to find two dogs that are more spoiled than them! Benson is a 6-year-old black Corgidor. He is mixed with a Black lab and Corgi. We rescued him from the local animal shelter right after we got married. Benson loves kids. He will lay next to them and watch them play. Sheila is a 4year-old Miniature Australian Shepherd. She is the most docile dog who wouldn’t hurt a fly. She loves to lounge around and watch everyone. We call her the mama of the family because she watches over all of us.

We enjoy playing games or doing puzzles at home. We like to pick our favorite junk food from when we were younger and have a date night at home, indulging in that food and playing a game. We also love to get together with friends and family to just hang out, play games, and cook meals. We live two miles from our parents and one block away from Taylore’s brother and his wife. We are very close to all of them. We are total “Foodies.” We like to try new restaurants and new foods. We enjoy date nights when we go to a new restaurant and try food we have never had before. We enjoy at least two vacations each year. Typically, we go to the beach in the summer and to Colorado in the winter to visit extended family and play in the snow.

Our Family

We are always getting together with family to hang out and make memories. We cant wait to have a child that can be apart of these moments. Our entire family is anxiously awaiting a little one to love on and celebrate. We hope that with all the love and support our family provides, our child will always know that they are loved and cherished.

Our Home

Home Sweet Home

We built a new home in 2017 and moved in early 2018. We have three bedrooms and two bathrooms, along with a fenced-in backyard and a huge side yard since we are on a corner lot. We live a street over from Taylore's brother and sister-in-law. We like to host parties and get togethers at our house which allows us to make memories and share laughs with friends and family.

We live in a newer developed area in Texas. We are surrounded by parks and walking trails. Across the street from our neighborhood is a community center, skate park, jungle gym, and walking trails. We take the dogs on the walking trails all the time and end our journey at the local walk-up ice cream stand across the street. We have a community pool down the road that we use a lot during the summer. The school district that we are in is often recognized for its excellence and achievem ents. The sports programs at the schools are also very well funded and have had great success over the years. Our town hosts several festivals throughout the year that we love to attend such as the Peach Festival in the summer, the Halloween Festival, and the Parade of Lights festival at Christmas. We also have a zoo and aquarium that we frequently visit. We love our community and plan to be here for atleast a couple of years until our family starts to grow and requires more space.

Once we started the adoption journey, we got super excited about creating a sweet little place for our future baby. Working on the nursery has been a very fun and surreal experience. We cant wait to personalize it even further to fit our precious new adition. This room has officially become Taylore's favorite room in the house. She sits in the rocking chair most mornings and prays about our future child and prays for the birth family.

Final Thoughts

Before You Go

As you try to imagine what your child's life might be like if you decide to make an adoption plan, we want you to know that either way, you will always be such an important part of their story. If you choose adoption, someday your child will be unable to find the words to thank you because those words simply do not exist. Your great sacrifice would never be taken lightly. We are forever grateful that your heart has led you here to us, even if just for this moment. We pray that we've painted a detailed picture of what your child's life would look like in our family. We pray that you feel with all certainty that your name would be sung with praise in our home and that your tremendous strength and selflessness would be known, We could sit here and draw up all the words of gratitude, but they would never be enough. So, thank you. Thank you for allowing us to share our story with you. When you close this profile page, we pray you will feel our gratitude and sense our love for you. Love, J&T