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About Us

Our Story

We met while we were both in college.  There was an immediate connection. On our first date, we danced to country music for hours. We both love to laugh and be silly and watch funny sitcoms like The Office and Schitts Creek.  We share a passion for reading and like to discuss books.  We also are huge foodies and love to try new restaurants and cuisines. It quickly became evident that we were meant for each other and got married. Growing our family was not as easy as we expected, and we were faced with many losses and pregnancy complications along the way.  However, we have been blessed with two great kids.  Fast forward a few years and we feel led to complete our family through adoption.  We both have strong faith and raise our children to follow God. We try every day to set the example for them of love and compassion and model a healthy marriage.

About Kelly (according to Angel):

Kelly loves fiercely and unconditionally. Her love fuels this family. She is the mom that stands up for her children and loved ones. Her heart aches when the ones she loves are hurt or sad. She is selfless and puts her children before herself every day. She chose to stay home and put aside her career so that she could raise the children in a house full of love with her undivided attention. She decorates the house for every occasion and season. She makes the holidays so special, and the kids love it. Kelly likes to exercise and read books. She is also a big fan of anything with chocolate and mint. She is the heart of our family.

About Angel (according to Kelly):

Every day I am reminded why I love Angel.  He is always present for our children. Thankfully, he gets to work 2-3 days a week from home. He is an attorney and works so hard to provide for our family with a very demanding career.  However, with his fatherly superpowers, he makes time to be a partner to me and a father that our boys can depend on.  He loves to coach soccer, play outside with the kids, ride bikes with us to the park and grill for us on pool days.  He is the type of dad who is on the floor playing monster trucks or building lego.  In his free time, he loves to go running, workout and read.  I can’t imagine a better man to raise kids and share my life with.

Our Home

Our Happy Place

We are a Christian home and believe in teaching our children about God's love and grace. We want our children to learn kindness, respect, compassion and generosity. We hope to raise children who are confident and love themselves. Open communication is very important in our home. We always want our children to feel that they can come to us with everything and anything they encounter and know that we will guide them and love them through it all. Most importantly, we want them to feel safe and loved. We want to provide a home where its ok to be silly, laughter is required, and fun is encouraged. We live in a four-bedroom, five-bathroom home located in an established neighborhood with big trees and young families. Our home has a dedicated playroom and media/game room. We enjoy spending much of our time in our backyard jumping on the trampoline, swimming and playing on our playground. Angel likes to bring the kids fishing in the neighborhood's stocked ponds. Fun fact: We love decorating for the holidays and have won the "Griswold Lights Award" two years in a row.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for considering us

Thank you for considering us to raise this precious baby. We are grateful to have the opportunity to grow our family through adoption. If you decide to choose us to raise your child, we promise to love them unconditionally, let them know its ok to make mistakes and to celebrate what makes them unique. We also promise to raise them knowing that you made a decision out of love and honor you as their birth mother. We admire your bravery and will pray for peace and wisdom for you as you make your decision.