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About Us

Our Story

Kimberly was born and raised in Missouri but transferred to a college in Dallas. Michael had been living in the Dallas area for his whole life. We ended up going to the same church, where we first met in 2016. Michael saw Kimberly for the first time when church let out and she was coming down the stairs. He said the sun was shining through the windows and it was if she was the only person in the room. We officially met in a ministry at church called, “Great Questions.” Kimberly saw Michael’s devotion and love for the Bible. Michael admired Kimberly’s heart for discipleship and he thought she was cute. By God’s providence we bumped into each other every single week after we first met, and no, Michael did not do that on purpose. It just happened to be. We started meeting for coffee each Sunday at church as our friendship grew. Five months later we started dating intentionally. We dated for nine months and then Michael proposed on Easter of 2017 and we married that year on September 23, 2017.

After having our first son, Nathan, Kimberly chose to stay at home full time. Kimberly is a homebody and enjoys getting to steward and care for their home and family. Michael is a firefighter-paramedic and only works every third day, and that has been a huge gift for our family. It gives us a lot of flexibility to take trips, host family and friends, and spend time together as a couple and as a family. It also makes for fun family trips to the fire station! It has become a tradition to travel almost each year to Kansas City, Missouri to visit Kimberly’s extended family during the holidays. Missouri has grown on Michael a lot, particularly the rush hour traffic- or lack thereof- and the cool weather in the summer. We have also enjoyed traveling together as a family to Springfield, MO, Oklahoma, and various parts of Texas.

What has kept us together and growing throughout our marriage is God. We believe that God at the center of our lives is the answer to living a prosperous and successful life, as God defines success. And we have seen success throughout our marriage, sometimes not in ways we would have ever imagined. It has been a sweet time together to grow and build a life together, and getting to include our son in that has been a joy.

Our Family

The holiday season is our favorite time of the year! During Thanksgiving, we take an annual trip to Missouri to visit family and sightsee. During Christmas, we spend that time locally having meals with family and friends, and doing our Jesse Tree tradition. Each day of December leading up to Christmas, Nathan loves to put ornaments on the tree and we cannot wait to have another little one join us in that tradition. Every holiday comes with delicious food to share and eat with family.


Our Home

Our Home

We live in the DFW area, in a modest 3-bedroom home with a big backyard. We live in between two parks which we visit a lot to go play and have fun. We have extremely friendly neighbors all around us. We enjoy getting to hang outside and visit with them, play in the kiddy pool and mow the lawn together. Nathan has a toy lawnmower and it has become a favorite of his to "go lawnmower the grass" as he would say. Down the street there is a lot of construction and so we also like to go and examine all of the equipment and watch the people work and move large sediment and rocks. Within walking distance is an ice cream shop and from time to time have been known to drive or walk down there to share some sweets together. It's one of the things that brings lots of joy to Nathan. Nearby is a park where we spend lots of time almost daily playing on the playground, in the sand pit making new friends, or at the creek to go skip rocks.

Final Thoughts

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. As people who are called by God to adopt, we believe it is our spiritual service of worshipping God by caring for children. We hope that you are inspired, comforted, and even stirred in your affections by our desire to care for this child who you have chosen life for. What we hope to achieve is beyond anything we can do in our own strength, but through the grace and strength that God supplies, we believe He will do great things through this process. We have been praying so much already for you and your baby/babies.