Legacy Adoption Services

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About Us

our story

We met at Bible School in Australia! Claudia was 23 and Jared was 21. We became really good friends before we started dating which provided a beautiful foundation for our relationship. We would describe ourselves as best friends! Claudia is from Norway and Jared is from Texas which made things a little complicated. We dated for 6 months before we got engaged. After a year of being engaged long distance while applying for a visa to the United States, Claudia moved from Australia to Texas to marry Jared. as newlyweds we got to go to graduate school together in Charlotte, North Carolina. This was a fun time of traveling and experiencing lots of things together before starting a family.

Our Family

We love traditions and are excited to start a lot of our own special ones as our kids grow older. Jared's favorite holiday is Christmas. He will start singing Christmas songs in September no matter how many eye rolls he gets from his wife. We also value easter and try to make it memorable by making a nice meal with family and friends. We are big on birthday parties and love to use any excuse to celebrate and eat good food together!

Our Home

our home

We live in a suburb right next to a farm with cows that our kids love to go see! Our community pool is a short walk from our house and we are friends with many of our neighbors. Our city has a cute downtown area and we love to go to the farmer's market there.

Final Thoughts

in closing

Our family is surrounded by supportive and loving family and friends. We have friends from all kinds of different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. All our kids (including adopted ones) will legally be Norwegian citizens as well as Americans. Our future adopted baby would have their own nursery in our 4 bedroom home. His/her two older siblings will shower baby with so much love and affection and together they will make many sweet memories. We have a play set in our backyard and a community pool nearby. We love to do things as a family!