Legacy Adoption Services

FAQs About Hospital Adoptions

Resolve uncertainty about adoption with our FAQs about hospital adoptions

Adoption is an topic that is seldom discussed, so it’s no surprise that you may have questions. Legacy’s compassionate counselors have answered thousands of questions from parents. These are the most common questions we hear and what some mothers have had to say:

How could I place my baby for adoption?
Adoption is a loving choice to give your baby a future that you cannot, and at the same time it empowers you to meet your personal goals.

“None of my options were easy. I wasn’t giving away anything. I was choosing a family to provide so much more than I could.”

What if nobody wants to adopt my baby?
Adoptive families welcome children of different ethnicities as well as those with physical or intellectual disabilities.

“My son is beautifully biracial and very loved by his adoptive parents and me!”

What if I’ve tested positive for drugs or have an open CPS case? Can I still pursue a voluntary adoption?
CPS will often close the case after the child has been placed for adoption.

“I made some bad choices in my past, but this is different. I voluntarily placed my child for adoption to give her the stable home she deserves.”

Could I live without knowing how my baby is doing?
You don’t have to miss out. With an open adoption, you can request updates on your child’s life and still pursue your own dreams.

“My baby’s pictures are on my phone. He has the cutest grin. Sometimes I stare at his face while I’m at school.”