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If you’re pregnant and not ready to parent, you may feel a sense of panic. What about all your goals and hopes? You may also feel alone and overwhelmed. Who can you turn to? Our Lubbock adoption agency is here for you. We work with women just like you, who are facing an unplanned pregnancy, and adoptive families, who have lots of love to share with a child.

Legacy Adoption Services can provide you with unbiased guidance and support. Our Texas adoption counselors are available 24/7 to listen to your concerns, explain your options and help you decide on the best path for you.

Find the guidance and information you need at Legacy

Our Texas adoption agency helps women in many situations. Some are pregnant, others have just delivered and some are struggling to raise a child under the age of two. When you reach out to a licensed counselor at our Lubbock adoption agency, you can talk about your challenges. You’ll receive a listening ear and information and resources to help you.

For your convenience, our adoption counselors can meet you wherever you’re comfortable. It could be your park, restaurant, home or coffee shop. You can also schedule an appointment to come to our Lubbock office.

1614 Avenue M, #11
Lubbock, TX 79401

Our Lubbock adoption agency is here for you

When you meet with our adoption counselors, you may be surprised to learn how many options you have. Contact the Legacy team to learn about the beauty of Texas adoption.

Directions to Our Lubbock Office

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1614 Avenue M #11, Lubbock, TX 79401

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