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Pursuing Adoption For Your Twins

Pursuing adoption for your twins? Our Texas adoption agency is here to help

Pursuing adoption for your twins? Our Texas adoption agency is here to helpYou’re having twins. However, your pregnancy is unplanned, and you aren’t sure if you are ready or able to raise a baby, much less two. How can you place two babies for adoption? Having two babies brings up even more questions and concerns, but our Legacy staff is here to help you with your twins’ adoption plan.

Tune out the bad advice when you are pursuing adoption for your twins

Movies, TV and people romanticize twins. They forget about the reality of twice the diapers, twice the feedings, twice the financial expense and twice the exhaustion. No matter what people are saying, it’s vital to remember that raising two babies will be your responsibility, not theirs.

It’s easy for others to talk about how cute the babies will look and the ways you can dress them. However, it’s another thing to consider the reality of raising two babies who grow up to be two children, then two teenagers. The compassionate counselors at our Texas adoption agency are here to help you sort through the reality of raising twins versus pursuing adoption for your twins.

We attend to your special medical needs during a twin pregnancy

When it comes to a twin pregnancy, many people don’t think about the added medical costs. Physicians treat all multiple pregnancies as high-risk pregnancies. During a high-risk pregnancy, you need to see the obstetrician more often and may require more tests.

At our Texas adoption agency, we cover the medical costs you incur during your pregnancy and delivery. We also help you find a physician with experience in treating women who are carrying multiple babies.

Our experienced staff keeps you in control as you make your twins’ adoption plan

At our agency, we believe in modern adoption where you, the expectant mother, are in charge of the process. You will choose the family who will love and nurture your children. You also have a choice about how involved you will be with your twins in the future.

There are families out there who are eager to give your twins a loving home, and you have the opportunity to find them and learn more about their lives. If you are pursuing adoption for your twins, contact us. We can help.

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