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Selfless Love

“Love is unselfishly choosing for another’s highest good.”

-C.S. Lewis

In February, the theme of love is very prevalent. However, the theme of love is prevalent at Legacy all year long. Our birth mothers and birth fathers display love throughout their adoption journey. Placing a child for adoption is an act of selfless love.

It is common for people to think that someone might place their child for adoption, because it is the easiest or most convenient option for them. However, placing a child for adoption is anything but easy and we understand that adoption is not for everyone. No one desires to separate a mother from her child, but there are times that it is what is best for the mother and child. If she chooses to make that decision, it is out of love because she wants her child to have the best life they can possibly have, even if it isn’t with her.

Modern adoption plans show the selfless love and strength that a birth mother has to plan a better future for her child. It takes a tremendous amount of courage, but through adoption a birth mother receives peace knowing her child is going to a family whom she has selected.

The second example of love we see at Legacy is the love our adoptive families have for the child and the birth parents. Adoptive parents view birth mothers as a blessing, because she is the reason they are even able to consider having a child.

The love that adoptive parents have for birth parents is hard to even describe, because it is so unique. They have a bond that is pure gratitude and love. Adoptive parents should always adore their child’s birth mother, because she selected them.

The third display of love at Legacy is the love between a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and our options counselors.

There are strong emotions that come from placing a child with another family and our staff strives to help, support, listen and love each woman who comes to us. Our counselors often build a strong relationship with these women and we love them like family.

Jesus came and lived a perfect life full of love and not judgement. Our goal is to show the love of Jesus Christ to these women. May you see and display the love of Christ throughout the month of February and the months that follow.

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