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Talking to Your Baby’s Father About Adoption

Have questions about talking to your baby’s father about adoption? Legacy can help

Have questions about talking to your baby’s father about adoption? Legacy can helpIt is common to experience anxiety around talking to your baby’s father about adoption plans. While many partners are involved and helpful, this is not always the case. It is normal to fear that the child’s father will be angry, unsupportive or unreachable. Legacy has experience with all these situations and can offer some clear guidance for parents hoping to reach common ground.

What are the expectant father’s rights in Texas?

Reasonable means must be employed in order to inform the expectant father about the decision to place the child for adoption. Generally, both parents must give consent for an adoption to take place in Texas. However, if it can be established that the expectant father is neglectful and/or absent during the pregnancy, consent is not always necessary. A father can contest an adoption in court if he can prove his commitment to parenting the child for the rest of their life.

What are some tips for talking to your baby’s father about adoption?

Each relationship between expectant parents is different. If your partner is either not supportive, or not involved, try the following techniques.

  • Decide which path best aligns with the relationship you currently have with your baby’s father. This could be telling him about your adoption plan in person, over the phone or in written form. Your adoption counselor can help you weigh each option.
  • Write down a list of the reasons you are choosing adoption before your conversation, both to have as a resource and to remind yourself of how you arrived at this decision.
  • Talk to someone who supports your adoption before you inform your child’s father.
  • Ask your adoption counselor or someone you trust to accompany you during the conversation, especially if you suspect it could get heated.
  • Have a plan for after your conversation. What can you do to relieve the nerves that may come up as you talk with your child’s father? Think ahead of how you’ll practice self-care after you take this big step. You can go for a walk, meet with a friend or see a movie. Do something you love and be proud of yourself for taking a path of courage and integrity.

For advice that is tailored to your individual situation, give Legacy a call at (817) 784-7641. A counselor is looking forward to supporting you, beginning today.

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