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Tips For Dealing With Adoption Jealousy

Find information about coping with emotions like adoption jealousy

Find information about coping with emotions like adoption jealousyBirth parents and adoptive parents can experience many emotions before, during and after a modern adoption. Adoption jealousy, in particular, can be confusing. It’s important for everyone involved to remember that adoption is a life-changing experience. Our Texas adoption agency is here to help both expectant parents and adoptive families who are coping with emotions that can be overwhelming at times.

Birth parents may feel adoption jealousy at various stages of the adoption process

Birth parents deal with many feelings throughout pregnancy, birth and their child’s life. Our staff reassures them that every emotion that pop ups during adoption is acceptable and normal. There are several reasons why jealousy rears its head.

  • Feeling envious that another family will be with their child as he or she experiences life’s many milestones
  • Birth moms may feel upset that they have to go through pain, labor and delivery without taking their infant home
  • Thinking about the many advantages that the adoptive parents have in their life that the birth mother hasn’t had in hers

When birth mothers experience adoption jealousy, they should talk to the counselors at our Texas adoption agency. Our staff can help them ward off any guilt or shame while helping them focus on the many positive aspects of the path they have chosen.

Coping with emotions in a positive way is also important for adoptive parents

Adoptive parents usually come to adoption with a variety of feelings. Some parents feel saddened by their inability to go through pregnancy, labor and delivery. Others feel frustrated by the waiting and stress they have experienced.

Adoptive parents may also feel envious as they watch their birth mother going through her pregnancy, something they may have looked forward to doing themselves. If they have their hearts set on a certain birth parent, it’s also easy to feel jealous if she chooses another family. Confronting jealousy is more helpful than sweeping it under the rug. Parents can talk to one of our counselors or their pastor, family members and friends.

Our Texas adoption agency helps everyone involved cope with their feelings

Our trained staff has the experience and compassion to help our birth parents and adoptive parents deal with their feelings about adoption. Contact us to learn more about coping with emotions such as adoption jealousy.

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