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About Us

We Love Life Together

We met on eHarmony and knew pretty quickly that there was something special between us. We decided that for our second date we would go to Main Event and have a competition. Whoever won two out of three events would be the champion. Chasity even brought a cheap gold medal for the winner. The smack talk leading up to the date was hilarious. The first event of the evening was bowling, which Chasity won. The second event was laser tag, and Chandler blew Chasity out of the water. We were so hot and thirsty from running around the laser tag arena, we decided to take a break by getting some fresh air and bottles of water from Chandler’s truck in the parking lot. That’s when Chandler surprised Chasity by pulling out his guitar and “serenading” her with her very own concert while she sat on the tailgate. They weren’t love songs (way too soon for those!), but they were fun songs that most people would’ve heard before. Chasity loved that he was confident and willing to make a fool of himself. (People walking by were super curious as to what was going on.) In Chandler’s words, “you use what’s in your wheelhouse.” Singing and playing guitar are definitely in his! We never did go back inside to play the third event to see who the overall champion would be, but it was after that night both of us became pretty smitten with one another.

Our relationship has continued in that vein of fun, competition, and hard work. Our family motto is “teamwork.” If one cooks, the other takes care of the dishes. We do our best to maintain a clean and organized home so that we can be free to have fun, hang out with friends, or go exploring new places. In the evenings after work, we make dinner, and then sit and watch an episode of one of our favorite TV shows. Then we either work on projects, play games, go on walks, and/or catch up on each other’s days. We also make sure to spend plenty of our time playing with our dog Millie. She’s just the cutest, most playful little cuddle bug. On the weekends we like to hang out with friends, explore new places, go camping, visit Chandler’s parents, host game nights, or do an all-weekend movie marathon. Chandler loves getting out and finding somewhere new to explore, while Chasity tends to be more of a homebody enjoying the cozy, peaceful environment of their home. Together we try to find a good balance to meet both of our needs. We’re excited to add a baby to the mix, knowing parenting will be its own type of adventure.

Our Family

Some of our family traditions include:
• Chasity makes the best homemade waffles on Sunday mornings and whenever family is in town visiting.
• Driving around to see as many Christmas lights as possible throughout the Christmas season.
• Chasity makes Chandler's grandmother's bundt cake recipe for him every year on his birthday.
• Every 4th of July we drive to watch the fireworks at a nearby town. Even our dog Millie loves them!
• Every fall we watch The Lord of the Rings extended edition.

Our Home

We love our home!

We've worked really hard to create a comfortable, clean, and peaceful home. We have space for when family and friends come to visit. Our dining area has hosted many shared meals around the table, and our living room has seen many game nights and movie marathons. Directly behind our home is the community park and a walking path. Our neighbors are very kind people. They're the type of people you can call or text if you've got a package waiting on your porch but you're out of town for the weekend. We love that our neighborhood is very ethnically diverse. We meet so many new people from so many parts of the world when we walk the neighborhood. We've got the baby's crib built and ready, and new children's books are just waiting to be read. We're just prayerfully waiting for our little one to get here.

Final Thoughts

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read our portfolio and learn more about our story and family dynamics. We hope, at the very least, it's given you a glimpse into how much love, devotion, care, and fun would be poured into your child's life if you graced us with the honor of raising her/him as our own. We're praying and believing for God's best for you regardless of whether or not you choose us. Whatever decision you make, it's going to be the right and best decision for you and your baby. Know that we're cheering for you! With love, Chandler and Chasity.