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About Us

The beginning of forever...

We met through mutual friends! Roland led a Bible study at a friend’s house, but Veronica did not remember meeting him there until much later when she realized He was the guy that all of her friends loved to hang out with. In the earliest days of our friendship, Veronica would take her dog for a walk and Roland would show up at just the right time to go with them. Veronica thought they were just good friends, but Roland saw something more. At 1st- Veronica wanted to be just friends. Veronica knew there was something special about Roland and loved his company and before we knew it, we became a couple. The rest is history! After 2 1/2 years we got engaged when Roland popped the question in a gazebo by a lake decorated with Christmas lights, teacup candles, and rose petals. We were married in the summer of 2016 at a beautiful church with a wonderful reception. The wedding festivities ended on a horse carriage ride. The day after our wedding, we travelled to Jamaica for our honeymoon. We began married life together in a small apartment and started to dream of our future home and family.

Our Family

We love to celebrate the holidays with our family! We spend Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving with Veronica's parents, siblings nieces and nephews! We always love opening presents together & it so fun to see the kids run around during our Easter egg hunt each year! The past few years, we have even started a bunny hop/potato sack race! The 4 of us love to set aside a day to decorate the Christmas tree, listen to Christmas music and drink hot cocoa! We love our game nights & movie nights!

Roland's mom and sister passed away in 2002, and he lost his dad in 2011. We miss them dearly and it is heartbreaking that they are not with us, but we rejoice in the good news of Christ that we can meet again in heaven. We love to spend time with Roland's extended family for special occasions, and they have been known to coordinate family dance routines with costumes and even practices before the big event! We spend time with Veronica's parents several times a month, and the girls love to spend the night at their grandparents house...they scream with excitement if we are going there! A few times a year, we drive out to the country to spend time at Veronica's sister and brother in law's log cabin - it is so fun when the whole family comes!

Our Home

Home, Sweet Home

We live in a lovely blue home on a quiet cul-de-sac. Our neighborhood has some great parks, a neighborhood pool with a waterslide, a splash pad, and a library that is just around the corner! Our backyard has plenty of room for a swing set, running in the sprinkler, or a small garden, and in the summers we enjoy putting out the inflatable pool or a slip and slide for the kids! We live within walking distance of our church. We enjoy walking to school some mornings too! We have lived in this neighborhood for over 10 years, and we are enjoying raising our family here!

Final Thoughts

Trusting in God and Worth the Wait...

We trust in God's plan for you, your baby, our family, and all of our lives. God works everything out for those who love Him. Your path may be difficult, but God is walking beside you each step of the way. He wants to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah). We pray that whether you choose adoption or parenting that God will guide you each and every day to find His peace. If we are blessed to adopt again, we will love and treasure this baby and make sure that he/she grows up to know how much God loves him/her!