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About Us

Our Story

Our story together began as high school sweethearts! We met in 2006 when I (Kimberly) was 14 and Colin was 17. After the typical high school date/breakup, we started seriously dating in 2009 prior to Colin becoming a missionary for a year. Before he left, I confessed my feelings and Colin left me with a senior photo that said, “When I get back, if you are single, you will have yourself one amazing Friday night date.” Well, we did just that and the rest is history! In 2012, Colin proposed to me on “Mount Zion,” which was a little drive up a path by his parent’s house. This location was meaningful to us because it was the first place Colin told me he loved me and where we had engraved “CH hearts KB” on a pickup truck parked up there. We got married July 27, 2013 and recently celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary!

Since getting married, we have had our share of joys and sorrows. Colin’s father passed away from cancer in 2014. Then the following year, we suffered the loss of our son, Kolbe, who was stillborn. By the grace of God, we were blessed with our son, Nathanael, a couple years later. A year later we pursued adoption for the first time and adopted our son, Charles. Since then, we have suffered through a late-term miscarriage and an early-term miscarriage. Faith plays an extremely significant role in our life. It is what has brought us together and kept us together through the struggles we have faced. This season of our faith is learning how to
grow amidst the busyness of life and raising kids.

Our Family

Each summer we go on a family vacation with both sides of our families. Our trips were the Ozarks and Gulf Shores this year!

Birthdays are a big deal for us! We also throw birthday parties for the boys and invite all of our extended family and friends. This year the themes were Hulk for Charlie and Motorcycles for Nate.

We celebrate holidays with our extended families as well. Each year we do matching Christmas pajamas with Kimberly's side of the family.

Our Home

Our Home

We purchase investment properties in the Ames, Iowa area and live in one of the duplexes we own. In 2019, we moved from our 2 bedroom side to our 5 bedroom side. Now, we have more space for the kids to run around and even got to set up a toy room which the boys have really enjoyed! It is 5 bedrooms -- 3 upstairs and 2 big rooms in the basement. The bigger rooms downstairs are used as a “man cave” or second living room and a toy room. We also have a backyard where Nate, Charlie, and Frank love to run around and play.

Our neighborhood is great! We have some neighbor friends near us who have kids the same age. Every other week or so we get to go on walks together, which has been really nice!

Ames has a “small town” feel and everyone carries that Midwestern hospitality. People are always eager to help and really take an interest in one another. Ames is home to Iowa State University. During the school year, students fill the community so there is quite a bit of diversity!

We just purchased land in the country with two ponds located on it. We look forward to the next chapter of building a home for our family!

Final Thoughts

Before You Go We Want You to Know...

There are really no words that are sufficient enough to express this gratitude and love we have for you. In all honesty, we are in awe of your bravery. We hope through the pages of our book you see how our family has overcome challenges we have faced and that we are beyond excited to welcome another child into our home! If you decide to move forward with adoption and choose our family know that we can confidently commit to: - Raising your child in the faith - Loving them big and well - Lots of family - Daily dose of laughter - Ensuring you have the ability to share your love for this baby, along with us, each and every day of their life If there was one word to perfectly describe our relationship as a couple it would be “Confideo.” Ultimately, it means firm, unwavering trust in one another and in God’s goodness and providence no matter the circumstances. Be confident in knowing God has you in the palm of his hand.

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