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About Us

All about us!

Since he was young, Dustin had always been very active and enjoys being outdoors. Running and playing outside with his brothers are among his most cherished memories. In addition, he has always been curious to find out how things work and build things. These have evolved into enjoying hikes and exploring new places. He can be a bit quiet at first but warms up quickly. He always tries to listen and make sure people felt they are heard.

Dustin pursued accounting, first working with firms in Fort Worth before joining his brothers at a construction firm in Dallas. He currently manages the accounting of the business.

Gracia is Is steadfast and nurturing. She carefully thinks through the decisions of her life and day to day, always seeking the best for everyone. She always finishes what she starts and takes care to not over-commit herself. Gracia is extremely family-oriented. She makes time to be present for family events and makes sure her family understands how deeply she cares for them. She always conveys joy and happiness in all that she does.

She has enjoyed photography from a very young age. Feeling this may have played a role in her career choice as a medical sonographer–combining her love for the medical field. She loves nurturing her relationships with her sisters, mom, and long time friendships; whether it be a phone call on the way to work or a trip to the store, always knowing how valuable these relationships are. She loves interior decorating and looking for new ways to make our home as inviting as possible.

We met later in life after establishing successful, fulfilling careers. Since we were fairly busy, we met in what’s become the norm–on match.com! Initially, we connected over how we enjoy running (Gracia the longer distances and Dustin up to half marathons) but found we also shared a passion for seeing new places and exploring the great outdoors, among many others. Everything fell into place as we met one another’s parents and started attending church together. Gracia also ran with Dustin as he completed his first marathon. We started talking about where we wanted to end up in the not-so-distant future and both ended up saying the same place. About a year later we were married and finishing building our home.

Since we’ve been married, we’ve continued in some of the same traditions and hobbies we started off with–taking walks with the dogs in the evening, jogging together, we’ve stayed at the same church, and we still seek out new places to visit and new ways to have fun and laugh together. We’ve added a pool to the mix so we definitely have our lazy days by the pool when it’s warm.

Our Family

With both families, we get together to celebrate birthdays as a family. We always get together with both families for Thanksgiving and Christmas and usually all the other holidays as well! Sometimes that takes a little negotiating since there are so many families trying to get together but we always make it work so we can see one another!

Our Home

Our Beautiful Home!

When we were dating we had talked about where we ultimately wanted to live and we both wanted to live in the same small town in the DFW metroplex. After we were engaged, we started planning a wedding and building a house–maybe we bit off a little much at once, but we managed both well and ended up with a beautiful home in a great neighborhood.

We love that our home is a very short walk to a park with a playground/swingset with a basketball and sand volleyball court. Our neighbors are a mix of older residents and younger couples with kids. Gracia and I enjoy walking the dogs after work through the park and neighborhood. On the weekends, we look forward to running through the newer parts of a community up the street to watch the houses go up in there.

We like the city we live in and how close we are to everything–it’s less than 10 minutes to everything like Walmart and Chick-fil-A. The elementary school where our kids will attend school is about a mile from our house and the intermediate/high school is less than a half mile from there.

Final Thoughts

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn more about us and our world! We can only imagine, and could never take lightly, what this process is like for you. We admire your strength and compassion for this new child of God being born. We would consider it our highest honor to have the privilege to love and cherish your baby! We will be praying for you every step of this great journey.