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4 Things Adoptive Parents Want to Tell Birth Mothers

adoptingPlacing a child up for adoption is a selfless task that requires determination, compassion, and love. Over 7,000 children were adopted by American families in 2012, with over 70% of the adoptive parents being married couples. The majority of families — 81% — with adoptive children describe their relationship as loving and close, but that relationship would not be possible if it wasn’t for the loving actions of the birth mother.

The birth mother is able to give the gift of a family to adoptive parents, and this is a gift that forever impacts both the child and parent’s life. Here are some things adoptive parents want to reassure you about adoption.

You did not give your child up
Saying that you gave your child up for adoption is wrong. You painstakingly chose the perfect family for the infant you carried for nine months, and you chose to follow through with the adoption process. Instead of saying “gave up,” view this action as placing your child up for adoption. Even though you are not raising that child, it does not mean you are not removed from their life forever.

They gained a family
Many birth moms only consider the adopting parents when considering adoption. You must also realize that those parents come with a troupe of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and possibly even siblings that will welcome the child into the family with open arms. Don’t forget that you’re placing them with the family that you could not provide, a gift that will keep on giving their entire lifetime.

We want you in their life
Many adoptive parents choose open adoptions so the child can form a relationship with their birth mother. This allows the birth mom to watch the child grow and succeed while fostering an open dialogue to answer any questions about adoption the child has as they grow older.
We will be open
Adopting a child is a lifelong decision that takes cooperation from both sides. The birth parents understand that they have your precious gift for life, and will tell the child about you if you so wish. You are able to choose the right adoption program that fits your lifestyle and we will follow suit.

If you are considering placing your child up for adoption, do not hesitate to contact Legacy Adoption Services.

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