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Autumn’s Story of Blessings

The beautiful adoption story of birth mother, Autumn.

“What lead me to adoption was probably first just being a young mom. I wasn’t financially nor emotionally ready for a baby. I also didn’t want to have a negative relationship with my child. I was in the same boat as my mom and we have a horrible relationship. Yes, I could’ve been different than my mom but I was still living with her and conflict would’ve happened a lot. I didn’t want that for my baby. I wanted her to grow up happy, loved, and supported the way she should be. I didn’t want her to struggle or feel like a mistake the way I do. I wanted her to know she is loved; so loved I gave her better than even myself.

My journey was pretty easy with the help of my amazing counselor Chelsey, and the rest of the staff at legacy. I felt supported through everything I went through. I would say there were more unexpected things that happened during my journey than expected. Like most woman who are considering adoption, I worried that I’d change my mind at the last minute. However, when it came down to it, not an ounce of me changed. I was beyond confident and content with my decision, even now I have no regrets. I’m so very happy with my decision. Something else that was unexpected was when the adoptive mom agreed to be in the delivery room with me. Not only that, she agreed to cut the cord too!! There are more unexpected things that happened, but I’ll cover those in my blessings.

My life has been so incredibly blessed through my adoption process. I have met so many amazing people, I’ve become great friends with these people, and I discovered support I didn’t know I had. I feel so blessed and thankful for my counselor Chelsey for being with me through it all, being my “bad guy” (standing up for me), and making thing so much easier for me. She took me to appointments, took me maternity shopping, and was someone I could talk to about anything. She made me feel cared for and like I meant something. She always told me how incredible I was for what I was doing despite all my hardships. Even now she helps and supports me through all the problems I’ve had after the adoption. I couldn’t have asked for a better counselor, I love her so much, she’s an amazing person and a great friend. I also feel extremely blessed and thankful for the adoptive family we picked. They have been so fun and understanding. I absolutely love them. Our adoption has been one like in the movies, something you wish you could have but doubt it’ll ever happen. Going into the adoption I thought that I would settle for a couple visits and have minimal communication. However, I was dead wrong. Our adoption has been so unique and special. I got to meet the adoptive parents a couple months before the birth of the baby. We went to breakfast, did a gender reveal and even went shopping together. Later on, when we found out I was being induced, they came down about a week before the baby was born, my boyfriend (at the time) and I spent nearly every day with them before going to the hospital. Now the adoptive mom and I talk as much as we can, with her managing life with a new born. I look forward to seeing them again soon. I never thought I’d be blessed enough to meet and select a family like this. Thank you Legacy so much for everything, I couldn’t have done it without you.”


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