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Birth Mother FAQs About Adoption

about adoptionAdoption is a very personal, sensitive subject. As it can be extremely confusing to figure everything out in this emotional time, here are some frequently asked questions about adoption to help you learn more about the process.

Q: Do the birth parents choose the adoptive parents for their child?

A: Every adoption is different, but if you would like to choose, then it will be granted. If you do not want to choose, then you can have an attorney or an adoption agency help you with the placement. But not to worry, as over 90% of adopted children ages five and older have positive feelings about their adoption.

Q: What happens if the birth father opposes the adoption?

A: The rules for this change per state, but typically, the father has about two weeks after the birth of the child to file a claim to parent. He must offer a formal parenting plan, and if it is not approved, then the mother can continue on with the adoption process she chose.

Q: Will I be able to see my child after they are adopted?

A: That is up to you. The great thing about adoption is that the birth mother chooses the plan she wants. If you would like the ability to visit your child during his or her life, then you are can have an open adoption. But, if you prefer to have no contact, then you may choose a closed adoption. It’s up to you, but know that the majority of adoptions go to married couples. About 70% of adoptive families are married couples, 22.7% are single females, and less than two percent are unmarried couples. Additionally, most adoptions — 38% — are private domestic adoptions within the United States.

Q: Who pays for the medical costs?

A: Generally, the adoptive parents are the ones who will pay all of the medical costs of the pregnancy and birth.

Q: How much time do I have after the child is born to place them with their adoptive family?

A: Again, this depends on the mother, but as a rule, you generally have no more than 72 hours. If you choose not to have contact with the child, then you can place them right away without having to see them. But, if you choose to bond with your child, then your attorney or adoption center will facilitate.

If you are considering adoption or have any other questions about adoption, do not hesitate to contact Legacy Adoption Services.

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