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Common Myths About Adoption Explained

adoption agencyPlacing your child up for adoption is the most selfless thing you can do. If you feel you cannot raise them in a secure environment, then adoption is a wonderful way to support the future success of your child the only way you can.

But unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about adoption, adoption programs, and the adoption process as a whole. These common adoption myths can be confusing to birth mothers. In order to clear up some confusion, here are some of the most common myths about adoption explained.

Myth: Birth mothers are typically teenagers or single parents with a lack of resources.
Reality: Birth mothers come from all walks of life, and while teen pregnancy is common within adoptions, they do not represent the entire demographic. In fact, 38% of adoptions are private domestic adoptions, 37% of the children come from the foster care system, and 25% are international adoptions. Birth mothers can be married, have other children, or have fallen on a financial hardship.

Myth: There is little variety in adoptive parents I can choose from.
Reality: This just isn’t true. Statistics show that 70.2% of people who adopt are married families, 22.7% are single females, 5.5% are single males, and 1.6% are unmarried couples. On top of that, a full 41% of adopted children are adopted by relatives. Remember, the choice is completely yours as a birth mother, and you can choose whatever family structure feels right.

Myth: Children in an open adoption will grow up confused.
Reality: There is no research that shows adoptive children are negatively affected by knowing their biological parents growing up. As long as you work alongside the adoptive parents to establish a routine and healthy boundaries from the start, the child will feel comfortable building a relationship with you.

Myth: Once I place my child up for adoption, I will never see them again.
Reality: Again, this is 100% your choice. From the start of the adoption, you will work with a qualified and experienced adoption agency to determine how you want the process to go. If you want to have a completely open relationship with your child, or if you’d like to have it closed permanently, that is fine. It’s completely up to you.

Working with a trusted adoption agency will take the confusion out of the adoption process, and put your fears at ease. If you have any questions or would like to know more, contact the professionals here at Legacy Adoption Services today.

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