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Let’s Review Basic Facts About Modern Adoption

In honor of the back to school season, let’s review basic facts about modern adoption

In honor of the back to school season, let’s review basic facts about modern adoptionAlthough it looks different this year, the back to school season is upon us. Students will spend their first weeks reviewing lessons from the previous year. Our Texas adoption agency also believes it’s wise to periodically stop and review what we know to build upon it. In that spirit, we offer a refresher on the facts about modern adoption.

Modern practices debunk adoption myths

Adoption myths based on outdated practices are still prevalent in our culture. One of our most effective tools in debunking these myths is to educate people on the facts about modern adoption.

  • Today, the expectant mother, not the adoption agency, chooses the adoptive family.
  • The adoptive family can form an ongoing relationship with the expectant mother.
  • We encourage the expectant mother to be in charge of her birth plan.
  • The child grows up knowing who his or her birth parents are.
  • From early on, the adoptive family encourages open dialogue about the child’s adoption.
  • Adoption is a brave and selfless act of love.

Modern adoption is open, meaning there is some degree of transparency and communication between the birth family and the adoptive family. In fact, 95% of today’s domestic infant adoptions are open or semi-open. These types of open adoptions are beneficial for the birth family, the adoptive family, and most of all, the child.

Modern adoption is healthier for everyone

The more we learn about facilitating healthy family building, the more our Texas adoption agency can help eradicate adoption myths. The modern adoption principles that we follow today are based on decades of research. Studies have shown that openness in adoption is enormously beneficial to the birth parents, adoptive family and especially the adoptee.

While the process of adoption is complex, the fundamentals are straightforward. The facts about modern adoption show that adoption creates lasting legacies for everyone involved. Now that’s a lesson worth reviewing.

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