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Making Adoption Affordable

We offer strategies for making adoption affordable

We offer strategies for making adoption affordableMaking adoption affordable for families is an important mission for our Texas adoption agency. We encourage hopeful parents to explore their adoption financial options and to not allow cost to be a barrier to a call to build their family.

Thankfully, there are more avenues to gain adoption funding than ever before. Here, we will lay out a few common ways in which adoptive moms and dads can pursue financial support for their adoption.

Which adoption financial options are available to you?

The average cost of a newborn adoption in Texas is $40,000. While couples who adopt tend to be financially stable, most do not have that kind of cash on hand right away. It takes time to come up with a payment plan.

How can you make adoption affordable for your family? Below are various adoption financial options that couples often rely on when starting this process.

  • Grants are one of the most beneficial adoption financial options. Unlike loans, grants do not need to be repaid. Our Texas adoption agency recommends applying for as many grants as you can. Each one you receive will help chip away at the cost of your adoption.
  • Taking out an adoption loan might also be necessary. Large investments like a house, a car and a college education usually require taking out a loan. Oftentimes so does adoption. Be sure to research your options and choose a reputable institution that offers a low interest rate.
  • Fundraising is a newer avenue to making adoption affordable. Websites like GoFundMe have enabled couples to reach out to donors around the world. Many families organize community 5Ks, garage sales and car washes to help pay for their adoption. In turn, this makes their eventual adoption that much more celebratory for their entire community.

Another tried and true form of paying for adoption is through savings. This takes planning and discipline, but the sacrifices are well worth it. Grants, loans and fundraising can make the endeavor a little lighter though.

Making adoption affordable is important to us

We want every hopeful adoptive family to be able to pursue their dream of having a child. Our counselors can work with you to create a unique financial plan for making adoption affordable. Between grants, loans, fundraising and savings, there are solid adoption financial options that have worked for countless families. Across the board, they all report that every dime earned, donated and saved was worth it in the end.

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