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Overwhelming Emotions: Normal Fears about Selecting an Adoptive Family

iStock_000011729291Small-comp1-300x224The stress associated with an unplanned pregnancy can make many women feel that there are hundreds of life-changing decisions to be made within a very limited time. Add the impact of pregnancy hormones, and you have a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. If you are considering adoption, you may be overwhelmed and afraid of selecting an adoptive family. Just know that you are not alone. Legacy Adoption Services has worked with many women, who, like you, think about the following issues:

Abandonment: The greatest gift you may be able to give this child is placing him/her with a family that wants nothing more than to love this child. The families or individuals accepted by Legacy Adoption Services are ready and waiting to welcome children into their homes.

Safety: Many birthmothers’ biggest fear is that the adoptive parents will harm this child. Legacy Adoption Services conducts extensive interviews and home inspections as well as thorough criminal, financial and background checks on all prospective parents. So when you are selecting an adoptive family, you can be assured that the adoptive parents will provide a safe and loving environment.

Judgment: There is concern that parents, friends or future partners will judge you negatively because you have placed a child for adoption. In fact, it takes a lot of love and maturity to put the well-being of your child ahead of your own.

Grief: You have carried this baby for nine months and developed a bond. The informed decision you make about adoption is based on a lot of factors. Trained social workers and support groups are there to help you through the feelings of sadness.

Future Contact: In an open adoption, all adoptive families agree to provide pictures and updates until the child turns 18. If you want more interaction with the adoptive family, you can make your wishes known and come to an agreement before the child’s birth.

Feelings of fear and pain are normal for birth mothers. The trained social workers at Legacy Adoption Services have worked with numerous women undergoing emotions similar to yours, and can help ease the burden of selecting an adoptive family. Please contact us at (817) 899-5000 to take advantage of our experience and to discuss whether adoption is the solution you are seeking.

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