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Sarah’s Story

In honor of National Adoption Awareness Month, here is Sarah’s story:

When I found out I was pregnant at 25 I thought my life was over. I was trying to get out of a five-year abusive relationship with a guy who was stalking me and wanted to kill me. My parents without a doubt would not support me parenting my baby. I felt trapped with no way out.

At that time, I really believed the only real solution was to end my life. My only support during this time was my sister who lived out of state. She helped me research options and she came across Legacy Adoption Services online. I did not know much about adoption but I did know that I did not want to raise my child eating Ramen noodles every night in the dark. I needed help.

I met with Tina and Jennifer from Legacy with desperation in my heart to learn more about this option for me and my baby. I really enjoyed my time talking about adoption. It was a comforting experience. They made me feel safe and helped me realize that I wasn’t alone.

I had no idea that if I found a family for my baby that I would still have the option to see her and communicate with her adoptive family. Being able to pick a good family for her and knowing I could still see her, put my fears to rest. I knew in my heart this was the right decision for us.

Before she was born I was able to meet with the family and have dinner with them. They said they were more than happy to send me pictures and updates every six months. While this was the hardest decision I will ever have to make I felt better about it in my heart knowing I will still be able to watch her grow up. I am comforted knowing she will have the life she deserves; the one I am not able to provide her.

On the day, I delivered and we were all in the room together with the baby I looked over and saw the tears of joy streaming down the adoptive mom’s face. That was the most rewarding feeling I had during this whole experience. I knew I had picked a family that would love my baby just as fiercely as I would.


Update on Sarah: Sarah made a move to get a fresh start and away from her abuser. She is currently working at a veterinarian office and is a pet sitter. Sarah just had her yearly visit with her daughter and the adoptive family at the zoo. She looks back on this experience and feels content with the decision she made to find a family for her daughter.

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