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The Beauty of Transracial Adoption

Considering transracial adoption? Discuss the benefits of having a diverse family

Considering transracial adoption? Discuss the benefits of having a diverse familyDid you know that your genes are 99.9% identical to every other person on the planet? It turns out that people of every color, race and ethnicity are far more alike than different. Sharing your love with a baby who may not look just like you is part of the beauty of having a diverse family. At our Texas adoption agency, we celebrate the American melting pot by offering transracial adoption, also known as interracial adoption. This special type of adoption allows adoptive families to celebrate the beauty of diversity.

You are not alone when you create a diverse family through transracial adoption

Transracial adoption means that you do not share the same race or ethnicity as your child. It’s not unusual to adopt a child who doesn’t share your racial or ethnic background. In fact, a 2011 study from the Institute for Family Studies found that 44% of adopted kindergartners had a parent who did not share their race or ethnicity. At our Texas adoption agency, we can help you create a diverse family by welcoming a baby from any of these backgrounds.

  • Caucasian
  • Hispanic
  • Caucasian/Hispanic
  • African-American
  • Caucasian/African-American
  • Asian
  • Caucasian/Asian

Celebrating the things that you and your child share

As parents, you may have dreamed of seeing yourself in your child’s facial features or mannerisms, but a child of another race or ethnicity probably won’t resemble you. However, when you consider interracial adoption, you must think differently and contemplate what you will share. You will raise your child with your values, love and kindness. You will also share your culture and your family history. These beliefs become part of your child’s heritage.

Embracing the challenges and rewards of your child’s differences

While you will share many things, you cannot share your child’s race and ethnicity. This is uniquely theirs. Unfortunately, our world is color conscious, and the issue of race will arise in your lives.

Even if it may feel uncomfortable, you must address the issue of racism within yourself, your extended family and the world around you from the moment you bring your baby home. You have a responsibility to help your son or daughter understand individual, systemic and internal racism and how it affects his or her life. Teaching, learning and growing together is a vital part of your family’s experience.

Proactively engaging and supporting your child’s journey

There are many practical ways to help your child understand his or her feelings, culture and heritage. As you help your child navigate the world, work to incorporate elements of his or her birth heritage into daily life.

  • Read books and watch TV shows that feature people who look like your child.
  • Try to find doctors, dentists and other professionals who share your child’s background.
  • Have artwork and music in your home from racially diverse artists.

When you explore new cultures together, you grow as a loving and diverse family. You can build new family traditions based on your child’s race and ethnicity that you will share and enjoy for a lifetime.

If you are interested in transracial adoption, contact our Texas adoption agency.

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