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Who Gets to Name the Baby in an Adoption?

Three tips for determining who gets to name the baby in an adoption

Three tips for determining who gets to name the baby in an adoptionNaming a baby is exciting for all new parents. Many have imagined what their child’s name would be for years. But when it comes time to decide who gets to name the baby in an adoption, the roles can be unclear. Who has the right to name the child loved by two sets of parents?

Who gets to name the baby in an adoption?

Nearly every decision in an adoption is made by the expectant mother. She is in control of the decision to place her child for adoption, who her child’s parents will be, and what her labor and delivery will look like.

But in terms of naming a baby, this right technically falls to the adoptive family.

Birth certificates in an adoption

Every child who was adopted has received two birth certificates. The first is given while they are in the hospital. Since the birth mother must wait 48 hours before releasing her parental rights, she fills in the name on this birth certificate.

However, the child’s official birth certificate is the amended one they receive after their Texas adoption is finalized. This certificate displays their permanent and legal name, which is given to them by their adoptive parents.

Tips for naming a baby together

For some expectant mothers, naming their baby in utero can serve as a therapeutic and loving act. Additionally, many hopeful parents have flexibility around who gets to name the baby in an adoption. Here are three tips for arriving at a name together.

  1. Communicate. If you are an expectant mother, share your ideas for a name with the adoptive couple. They may love one of them! Even if they ultimately choose something different, the special name you give your child can serve as a lifelong treasure for you.

    If you are an adoptive couple, be sensitive and forthright while communicating about the child’s name. Knowing their child’s permanent name is an important part of a birth mother’s healing.

  2. Share the name. Sometimes the adoptive couple chooses the child’s first name, and the birth parents choose their middle. This can serve as a tangible demonstration of their shared love for the child.
  3. Start from scratch. Maybe you are one of the dreamers who has envisioned your child’s name for years. If you’ve been brave enough to choose adoption, why not let it go and start from scratch? Talk to each other about family names, scriptural names, literary or movie characters, or favorite places. Chances are you won’t have to wonder who gets to name the baby in an adoption. You’ll have named this little miracle together.

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