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You Don’t Have to Be Martha Stewart for an Adoption Home Study

In Fact, It’s Better If You’re Not

Adoption home studyYou want to adopt a child, but you’re concerned about the home study. That’s normal. Most people worry that they’re being judged. You know the caseworker is coming to visit, and you wonder whether you should make muffins, create crafty placemats or dust the blinds. But in reality, an adoption home study doesn’t focus on that stuff. Caseworkers just want to see how you live and whether you can provide a loving home for a new child.

So what do caseworkers look for during an adoption home study?

Be yourself – not a perfect parent, not a Wall Street tycoon, not a Food Network chef and not a Pinterest star. A well-adjusted adult or couple with a nice home, a decent income and an ability to feed themselves and others is perfect. Really! Martha Stewart went to jail for insider trading and wanting a little too much. A rap sheet for overachieving won’t help.

So what do you need to prove?

You must have a big heart and a passion to become a parent in order to undergo the rigors of adoption. What else?

Run the vacuum and clear the clutter. The caseworker doesn’t wear white gloves, but you’ll be glad the house is clean so you can relax during the adoption home study.

Support the facts you gave in your application. Make sure you didn’t exaggerate the size of your home or income. It’ll be obvious.

Do a safety check. Are there batteries in your smoke alarms? Do you have latches on closets with chemicals, on medicine cabinets and on cupboards with adult beverages? If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool, is it fenced, and does the gate latch?

Get a room. Your adoptive child doesn’t necessarily need a private room, just room to grow. If you have other children, make sure you’ve considered gender assignments for the rooms.

What’s in your wallet? You don’t have to have deep pockets. You just need to show that you can pay your bills, buy groceries, carry health care insurance and cover your mortgage or rent while raising a child.

How’s your health? Your adoption home study caseworker wants to know that you can mentally and physically handle the stress of parenting. Can you discipline a child without abuse? Can you parent a child effectively, even if you have a physical disability?

Practice what you preach. If you plan to raise the child according to a certain religion or culture, show the caseworker how it works in your daily life.

An adoption home study is an excellent way to review your readiness to bring a new child into your life. Just relax and be your best self. Contact Legacy Adoption Services when you’re ready for a home study or want to learn more about adoption.

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