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Legacy Celebrated for Unplanned Pregnancy Counseling

Getting praise in the community for offering unplanned pregnancy counseling

Getting praise in the community for offering unplanned pregnancy counselingAt Legacy Adoption Services, we do so much more than place babies with loving adoptive families. We help women who have just learned they are pregnant and don’t know what to do next. We’re there for mothers who have just given birth and feel that placing their baby for adoption is the best option for them and their child. Our Texas adoption agency supports these brave women by providing unplanned pregnancy counseling.

Recently, the Lubbock Community Network featured Legacy Adoption Services in its May newsletter, which focused on topics related to Mental Health Awareness Month. The newsletter article highlighted the important work that Legacy is doing by counseling women who need help, a listening ear and nonjudgmental support.

What does unplanned pregnancy counseling look like at Legacy?

Mental Health Awareness Month shines a spotlight on our commitment to providing unplanned pregnancy counseling. However, our focus on supporting women considering adoption extends throughout the year.

When someone contacts Legacy, we don’t expect them to immediately make a decision about placing their baby for adoption. Instead, our licensed counselors provide a safe and supportive space where people can learn about their options and explore their feelings. We always support whatever decision someone makes for themselves and their baby, regardless of whether it’s adoption or something else.

If someone does decide to place their baby for adoption, our counselors help them throughout their adoption journey. The counseling and support doesn’t stop there. Legacy continues to provide counseling after a woman places her baby for adoption. For those who choose adoption, we provide adoption grief and loss lifelong counseling.

Reach out to Legacy today

If you find yourself staring at a positive pregnancy test and don’t know what to do, the licensed counselors at Legacy can help you start exploring your options and your feelings. We also help those who have just delivered and those who are struggling to raise a baby. You aren’t in this alone, so don’t be afraid to contact our Texas adoption agency for support.

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