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The Evolution of Modern Adoption in Texas

Adoption in Texas through Legacy is transparent, fair and filled with grace

Adoption in Texas through Legacy is transparent, fair and filled with graceAround 135,000 children are adopted each year in the United States. 95% of those adoptions are open, meaning the expectant mother chooses who will parent her child. Nearly all modern adoptions involve ongoing contact between the birth and adoptive families. This wasn’t always the case when it came to adoption in Texas, or across the country, however.

In fact, when adoption peaked in the 1970’s, 80% of the pairings between adoptive parents and children were arranged by agencies alone. The identities of the birth parents, adoptive family and adoptee were unknown to one another. What does adoption in Texas look like today? Let’s explore the evolution of modern adoption.

How adoption laws in Texas and across the US evolved

Adoption is not new. It has been around since the development of the human family. We see adoptions in the Bible (from Moses to Jesus), in ancient records and through colonial times. But it wasn’t until 1851 that the rights of children were recognized in adoption, shepherding in the era of modern adoption. Adoption in Texas began to evolve over the next 100 years.

In 1910 the first formal adoption agencies began to form, and in 1917 states began to pass legislation sealing adoption records. After the spike in adoption in the 1970’s, portions of the public began voicing concerns about the secrecy surrounding adoption.

Adoption reformers began to encourage the term “birth parent” as opposed to “unwed mother.” The Concerned United Birthparents was founded in 1979. More organizations that promoted the well-being of expectant parents and adoptees began to form, allowing the industry to benefit from their insights. States began retracting adoption confidentiality laws in 1998, allowing adult adoptees to access their original birth certificates.

The evolution of modern adoption – What does adoption in Texas look like now?

Today, most Texas adoptions are open. In many cases, both sets of parents talk or meet before the baby’s delivery. The evolution of modern adoption in Texas promotes the birth mother’s rights. It also requires that she fully understands the meaning of signing over her parental rights before she consents to the adoption.

Most adoptive families keep their child’s birth parents updated on his or her life through pictures and letters. Often, the birth and adoptive families also maintain a relationship where visits are a normal and healthy part of life.

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