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The Importance of Ethical Adoption

Our Texas adoption agency provides ethical adoption to protect parents and babies

Our Texas adoption agency provides ethical adoption to protect parents and babiesAt our Texas adoption agency, we know that ethical adoption is the best way to protect pregnant parents, adoptive families and babies. All parties feel informed and supported when they participate in an ethical process. Our Texas adoption specialists support everyone by offering professional and honest services every step of the way.

Three things to look for in an ethical adoption

Pregnant parents and adoptive parents should investigate agencies to determine whether they are ethical. Adoptions that adhere to ethical principles legally and emotionally protect parents and babies. Here are three things to look for.

  1. A licensed agency staffed with trained professionals who support all parties.
  2. Counseling and support that’s available for both expectant parents and adoptive families.
  3. The agency offers honesty, education and resources to everyone involved in the process.

Our licensed agency is home to professional and highly trained staff

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services licenses Legacy Adoption Services as a licensed child-placing agency. Tina Dean, a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Texas, founded our agency. She ensures that our Legacy staff is highly qualified and trained to help everyone involved with an ethical adoption journey.

Our Texas adoption specialists provide counseling and support to all parties

Expectant mothers who are wondering how to choose an adoption agency should think about how much counseling and support they will receive. Placing a baby for adoption is an emotional process, and our trained counselors are here to support pregnant parents every step of the way. Our staff will honor the expectant parents’ wishes during and after the pregnancy. Adoptive parents also need counseling and support, and our Texas adoption agency provides that too.

Expectant parents and adoptive parents receive the education and resources they need

An ethical adoption takes place in the light, so there are no deep, dark secrets. Our trained staff works to educate all parties throughout the process. We strive to keep adoption affordable, by fully disclosing every cost and fee. Counselors inform expectant mothers about the amount of money legally allowed to help support them during their pregnancy. They also help pregnant mothers understand the resources that are available to them.

Building a family is a beautiful process made better by following ethical standards. Our Texas adoption agency strives to nurture and protect parents and babies every step of the way. Contact us to learn more.

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