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Writing a Letter to Your Birth Child

Writing a letter to your birth child is part of a modern adoption

Writing a letter to your birth child is part of a modern adoptionOnce you have made the loving decision to place your baby for adoption, you may wonder how to share your story with your child in the future. Writing a letter to your birth child is a wonderful way to communicate your feelings and tell your child something about yourself and your life’s journey. A sincere message from an expectant parent to his or her birth child is part of a modern adoption.

Getting started on a letter to your birth child

We know that this may be one of the most difficult and important letters you will ever write. Here are some tips to help you start writing a letter to your birth child.

  • You don’t have to write it in one day or even one week. Take your time.
  • Write a little bit each day or put the letter down and come back to it when you feel ready.
  • Write and rewrite until you feel comfortable with what you have written.

You can ask someone you trust to read your letter. Also, a staff member at our Texas adoption agency can help you work through your emotions while you are writing. Our team is always here to support you.

Make your letter heartfelt and honest

Someday, when your birth child reads your letter, he or she will appreciate and cherish the warm emotions that you share. You don’t need to write your letter in a formal way like a school project. Instead, write in your voice, communicating in the way you talk to family and friends.

Share the reasons why you made the selfless decision to place your baby for adoption with a loving family that you chose for him or her as part of your modern adoption. It’s fine to share sad feelings, but remember to share the happy and positive aspects of your experience, too.

Sharing your life with your child is an advantage of modern adoption

Your letter to your birth child is the story of who you are. Tell the child about your heritage, your culture and your traditions. Talk about your hobbies, your interests and your friends and family.

Everything you say in your letter means something special to the child to whom you gave birth. The only thing you need to write this keepsake note is your love. Writing a letter to your birth child will mean so much to him or her and his or her adoptive family.

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