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Does this sound familiar? You feel a sense of panic when you see a positive pregnancy test because you aren’t ready to have a child. Or you’re trying to raise a baby and feel in over your head. If this sounds like you, Legacy Adoption Services is here to help. Our San Antonio adoption agency can provide unbiased and reliable information as well as caring support.

The Legacy team is also here to help couples and families who would love nothing more than to bring a child into their lives using Texas adoption. If you’re hoping to adopt a baby, our San Antonio adoption agency can give you the information and guidance you need through every step of the process.

Whether you’re considering placing your baby for adoption, or you want to adopt a child, our counselors are available around the clock to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. Adoption is such a personal decision for everyone involved, so we give you the support and tools you need to reach the decision that feels right for you.

The Legacy team provides the support and information you need

Whether you just found out that you’re expecting, or you’re feeling overwhelmed by raising a baby, we can help. When you meet with one of our adoption counselors, you’ll have a safe space to discuss your challenges and explore your options.

Our goal is for you to feel comfortable when you meet with our adoption counselors. That’s why someone from our San Antonio adoption agency can meet you anywhere you feel comfortable, from your home to a coffee shop. You can also schedule an appointment to meet at our San Antonio office.

708 West Summit, Suite H
San Antonio, TX 78212

Phone 210-794-8848

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If you’d like to learn more about placing your baby for adoption or adopting a child, our compassionate counselors are here for you. Contact us to learn how Texas adoption can create a beautiful legacy of love for your child.

Directions to Our San Antonio Office

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708 West Summit, Suite H, San Antonio, TX 78212
Phone: (210) 794-8848

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