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Finding Your San Antonio Adoption Counselor

Get the information and support you need from a San Antonio adoption counselor

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy or struggling to raise a baby, you might have questions about adoption in Texas. The same is true if you’re hoping to start or grow your family through the gift of adoption. In either case, you can rely on a San Antonio adoption counselor at Legacy Adoption Services to help you.

From supporting parents who have questions about placing a child for adoption to helping adoptive parents bring home a baby, we offer information about modern adoption, unbiased advice and compassionate support.

Learn more about placing a baby for adoption

It isn’t always exciting to see a positive pregnancy test and raising a baby isn’t always bliss, especially when you don’t have the resources and support you need. A San Antonio adoption counselor at Legacy can help you learn more about the options for you and your baby.

Explore your options. It might not seem like it right now, but you do have options. Our adoption counselors can help you explore them and process your thoughts and emotions about them in a safe and confidential space.

Get assistance with telling others. From telling loved ones about your pregnancy to sharing your adoption plans, you don’t have to do it alone. One of our counselors can help you develop a plan for sharing this information.

Find a family for your baby. If you want to move forward with adoption, our team can help you find a loving family to adopt your baby. We have profiles of adoptive families who would love to raise your child, and you can select the best family for your baby.

Adoptive families can also rely on a San Antonio adoption counselor

Whether you’re just starting to think about adoption, or you’re ready to take the next step, the Legacy team is here to help you.

Get expert advice. We know it can be overwhelming to start the process of growing your family with adoption, but the Legacy counselors can guide you. We’re well-versed in Texas adoption and can help you keep moving forward to adopt a beautiful baby.

Create your profile. Your profile is how you will introduce yourself to birth parents, and we know how to create adoptive family profiles that will resonate with women and men who are placing their babies for adoption.

Receive help with matching and finalization. Once a birth parent picks you to adopt their child, one of our counselors will help you move through the next steps. These can include the birth mother’s pregnancy and delivery as well as a finalization of parental rights.

Find an adoption counselor to help you get started

Legacy Adoption Services can match you with a San Antonio adoption counselor at any time you feel ready to get started. You can make an appointment to meet in one of our offices, or we can meet you somewhere you feel comfortable like your home or a coffee shop. Contact us to learn more and get started.

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