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Finding Your El Paso Adoption Counselor

Our El Paso adoption counselor is here to inform, help and support you

When you are facing the uncertainty of an unplanned pregnancy, you need advice. Our El Paso adoption counselor is here for you, whether you are currently pregnant, have just given birth or are raising a baby. Our Legacy team is also available to help you if you are hoping to start or grow your family through modern adoption.

Whether we are serving parents who are considering placing a baby for adoption or parents who are hoping to adopt a baby, our adoption counselors provide professional, compassionate advice and information. We strive to help everyone feel comfortable and supported throughout the adoption process.

Placing your baby for adoption with the help of our El Paso adoption counselor

When a pregnancy is unwanted or unplanned, it can be difficult to know where to go next. Our Texas adoption counselor can serve as a sounding board for you as you talk through the choices you can make for yourself and your baby.

  • • Examine your options. You have more choices than you think when you are facing an unexpected pregnancy or birth. Our trained counselor will help you explore the alternatives and work through your concerns and emotions and create a plan that works for you.
  • • Discuss how to share your news with others. You won’t be alone when you break the news of your adoption plans to family and friends. Our team will support you and help you create a good plan.
  • • Choose a family for your baby. If you decide to place your baby for adoption, our team will help you navigate our Waiting Families profiles and choose loving parents for your baby.

If you want to adopt a baby, our Texas adoption counselor can assist you

Our El Paso adoption counselor is not just here to help pregnant moms. Our advisor is also here to support and assist parents who want to love and raise a baby through modern adoption.

  • • Get professional advice. Your Texas adoption counselor is well-informed about adopting in Texas and will guide you through the process with professionalism and care.
  • • Create your adoptive family profile. Expectant moms and moms who have delivered their babies choose adoptive parents from their profiles. Our team can assist you as you create the best representation of yourself and your dreams.
  • • Navigate the matching and finalization process. Finally, when an expectant mom selects you to adopt their baby, our El Paso counselor will help you move through the pregnancy, birth, delivery and finalization of the adoption.

Meet your Legacy adoption counselor to get started on your plan

When you feel ready to take part in a loving, modern adoption, let Legacy Adoption Services connect you with our El Paso adoption counselor. Our Texas adoption counselor is flexible and will meet you in our office, your home or anywhere you feel most comfortable. Begin your journey by contacting us.

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