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Placing Your Baby for Adoption in El Paso

Legacy is here to advise you about placing your baby for adoption in El Paso

When you are considering placing your baby for adoption, you may feel scared and alone. Maybe your partner, family or friends are not as supportive as they could be. In any case, if you are placing your baby for adoption in El Paso, Legacy Adoption Services is here for you. You can choose an adoptive family that lives in Texas or a family that lives in another state. We provide the compassionate, safe and unbiased environment you deserve when you are making a decision that is so vital for you and your baby.

From the first phone call and visit with our team about El Paso adoption, you will feel the warmth and encouragement that can help you get through a tough time in your life. We thoroughly explain modern adoption, your options and how we work with you to create your adoption plan, one that is suited to you and your situation.

Our team can help you get started with placing your baby for adoption in El Paso

Our professional counselors guide you through every step of modern adoption, answering your questions and encouraging you to share your concerns. We discuss all the options available to you when you are unexpectedly pregnant. If you feel that placing your baby for adoption in El Paso is the right choice for you, you can move forward step-by-step.

  • Call us anytime at 915-465-4114.
    Schedule a meeting with our trained Legacy counselor to talk about your worries and needs.
    If you want to pursue an adoption, our El Paso counselor will help you create your adoption plan.
    Our Legacy team will help you view our many Waiting Families so that you can select the parents who will lovingly raise your baby.
    When you have selected adoptive parents for your baby, your Legacy counselor will help you and your baby’s adoptive family get acquainted. It’s the beginning of a dream come true for adoptive parents and a new beginning for you.

You call the shots by creating an adoption plan

If you are wondering who will be in control of your El Paso adoption, the answer is you! If you are pregnant, you make a pregnancy and delivery plan, including things like the hospital where you will deliver, who will be beside you at the birth, how much time you will have with your baby after the delivery and whether you choose to see your baby after you give birth. Your adoption plan dictates everything that we do along the way.

Placing your baby for adoption in El Paso is a loving decision not only for your baby, but also for caring parents who want to love and raise a child. When you choose modern adoption, your selfless love for your baby will shine throughout his or her life.

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