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Finding Your Killeen Adoption Counselor

Turn to a Killeen adoption counselor to help you on your adoption journey

Whether you’re looking to place your baby, or you’re hoping to adopt a child, you probably have a lot of questions about Texas adoption. As you search for the answers you need, you’ll discover that a Killeen adoption counselor can be a great resource for you. The entire team at Legacy Adoption Services is here to support and empower you with unbiased information and guidance about the adoption process.

Unexpectedly pregnant? You can turn to an experienced adoption counselor

Facing an unplanned pregnancy or struggling to parent a child under the age of two can be emotional and overwhelming. However, you aren’t alone, and you have options. If you want to explore placing your child for adoption, our adoption counselors can explain the process and provide unbiased advice.

Explore your options. It might not feel like it, but you do have choices when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our adoption counselors can help you explore all your options, from parenting to adoption. We’ll provide a safe space for you to work through your thoughts and emotions during this time.

Tell family and loved ones. Not everyone feels comfortable telling their loved ones about their unplanned pregnancy and plans. This is an area where a Killeen adoption counselor can help. Our counselors can help you create a plan for sharing this information with your family.

Find a family for your baby. If Texas adoption is right for you, we can help you find an adoptive family to love and cherish your baby. You’ll see profiles of wonderful couples who would love nothing more than to welcome your child into their family. After reviewing these couples, your adoption counselor will help you select the perfect family to raise your baby.

A Killeen adoption counselor is also a resource for adoptive parents

Whether you’ve just started thinking about adoption, or you’re ready to take the next step, the Legacy team is here to offer information and guidance. One of our adoption counselors can help you in the following ways.

Expertise. We know that adoption can seem overwhelming, but Legacy counselors are experts in it. We can guide you through this beautiful process until you’re able to adopt a precious child and start or grow your family.

Matching and finalization. Your counselor will be the person who lets you know that a birth mother has selected your family to parent her child. Moving forward, we’ll help you navigate her pregnancy, delivery and finalization.

Adopting through Legacy Adoption Services in Killeen

The Legacy team can match you with a Killeen adoption counselor as soon as you’re ready. If you are seeking more information about how to adopt a child in Texas, please contact our main number and we will send you our Hopeful Adoptive Parent Guide. This guide includes detailed information about our agency and the adoption process. You can also contact us to get started with an adoption counselor. We look forward to guiding you through this process.

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