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Whether it’s you or your loved one, an unplanned pregnancy often feels like a crisis. However, you don’t have to navigate this emotional time on your own. Instead, you can turn to an adoption counselor in College Station and the surrounding cities. Legacy Adoption Services works parents in Brazos County to provide unbiased information and caring support. As a modern adoption agency with a wealth of experience, we help people in the suburbs and small towns of Texas.

You’ll be able to discuss your concerns and ask questions when you meet with one of our caring counselors. As your counselor shares information, you’ll learn about all your options. When you feel ready to decide on a path, we’ll support whatever choice is right for you and your baby.

Our adoption agency in College Station is also here to help adoptive parents pursue the process of adoption. All potential adoptive parents undergo a rigorous application process before they can join our official list of Waiting Families.

Get the information and support you need from an adoption counselor in College Station

Each of our licensed adoption counselors helps parents in many different situations. Some of them just saw a positive pregnancy test, and others have just delivered. We even assist those who are struggling to care for a child under the age of two.

One of our counselors can speak with you at any time, and you can feel confident that we’ll keep everything you say confidential. We’re also happy to schedule an appointment to meet you in person. A Texas adoption counselor in College Station can travel to meet you at your home, your school, your favorite coffee shop or a park. We want to make it convenient and comfortable for you to meet with possible.

We also offer meetings at our adoption agency in College Station by appointment.

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Adoption allows you to build a legacy of love. Contact Legacy to talk to an adoption counselor in College Station. Together, you’ll explore your options before you select the best one for you and your child.

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