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Finding Your College Station Adoption Counselor

A College Station adoption counselor can help you take the next step on your journey

If you’re looking to place a baby for adoption, you probably have a lot of questions about Texas adoption. The same is likely true if you’re hoping to adopt a child. A College Station adoption counselor can help provide the answers you need on your adoption journey in this city and surrounding communities. At Legacy Adoption Services, you can rely on our team to support and empower you as you explore the adoption process.

Our experienced adoption counselors can help if you’re feeling overwhelmed

It’s common to feel stressed out by an unplanned pregnancy. You may also feel overwhelmed by parenting a child under the age of two. You aren’t alone though, and our team can help you explore your options. Our adoption counselors can help you learn more about placing your child for adoption.

Discover your options. You might be surprised to learn that you have several options when facing an unplanned pregnancy. From parenting to adoption, our adoption counselors can help you explore them all in a safe and supportive space.

Share the news. You might be worried about telling your loved ones about your unplanned pregnancy and plans. Thankfully, a College Station adoption counselor from Legacy can help by working with you to create a plan for sharing this information.

Locate an adoptive family. We can help you find the perfect adoptive family to love and care for your baby. You’ll start by reviewing profiles of loving couples who are ready to welcome your child into their family. From there, you’ll work with your adoption counselor to select the best family for your baby.

Adoptive parents can also turn to a College Station adoption counselor

No matter where you are on your journey to adopt, the Legacy team can offer the information and guidance you need to take the next step.

Experience. The adoption process can seem overwhelming as an adoptive parent, but Legacy counselors are experts in it. You can rely on our counselors to guide you through the process of starting or growing your family through the gift of adoption.

Matching and finalization. When a birth mother selects you to parent her child, your counselor will share the good news. Our team will then help you as you navigate pregnancy, delivery and finalization.

At Legacy, we connect you with a College Station adoption counselor as soon as you’re ready. If you want more information about adopting a child in Texas, we invite you to contact our main number. We will start by sending you our Hopeful Adoptive Parent Guide. This guide includes detailed information about our agency and the adoption process.

You can also contact us to get started with an adoption counselor and explore placing a baby for adoption. We look forward to helping you explore the beauty of Texas adoption.

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