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You can find a friendly Legacy adoption counselor in Midland to help you

You might not feel excited and happy when you see a positive pregnancy test. According to the CDC, about 50% of pregnancies are unplanned. Many people feel overwhelmed when facing an unexpected pregnancy. Thankfully, you can find help and support from an adoption counselor in Midland and the surrounding cities.

At Legacy Adoption Services, our counselors work with local women who are considering adoption for their baby or child under the age of two. Our modern adoption agency allows you to play an active role in selecting the family who will love and raise your child.

To start the process, one of our caring counselors will listen to all your concerns and answer your questions. You might be surprised to learn about options you may have never considered. Armed with this information, our team will support you to make the decision that you feel is best for you and your child.

As a Texas adoption agency, Legacy also assists adoptive parents who want to welcome a child into their lives through adoption. We ensure that all our adoptive parents meet Texas’ requirements for adopting a child and undergo our thorough screening process.

Your adoption counselor in Midland is your guide to the process

Our licensed counselors proudly assist women facing a variety of situations. We commonly work with women who just found out that they’re expecting. However, we also assist women who have just delivered or who are struggling to raise a child under the age of two.

No matter what your situation is, our counselors are available to speak with you at any time. You can be confident that everything you say will remain confidential. Your adoption counselor in Midland will be happy to meet you anywhere from your home to a park.

We also offer meetings at our adoption agency in our Midland office by appointment.

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If you want to start building a legacy of love for your child, contact Legacy Adoption Services. We’ll connect you with a caring adoption counselor in Midland so that you can learn more about how adoption can benefit you and your child.

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