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If you aren’t ready to be a parent, a positive pregnancy test can be a source of stress and fear. You might think that you have to surrender your hopes, dreams and plans. However, Texas adoption can offer hope if it seems impossible to raise a child right now. When you visit our Midland adoption agency, our team will offer unbiased advice and caring support.

Legacy Adoption Services is also a resource for adoptive families who want to bring a child into their lives through the gift of adoption. Our adoption counselors provide adoptive parents with the Texas adoption information and guidance they need.

We have adoption counselors available around the clock to speak with you and provide answers to your questions. Our team will never pressure you to make a decision because we know that adoption is a personal decision for everyone involved. As such, we will simply provide the information you need to make the best decision for you.

Legacy is proud to assist with Texas adoption

At Legacy, our adoption counselors can help you at any stage of pregnancy. We also help women who have just delivered and parents who are struggling to raise a child under the age of two. We’re here to listen to your challenges and concerns before helping you explore your options.

Our goal is to always make sure you’re comfortable. As a result, you can meet with a counselor from our Midland adoption agency anywhere from your home to a coffee shop. You can also meet us at our office when you make an appointment.

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We invite you to contact our caring adoption counselors if you think adoption could be a good option for you and your baby. We’ll explore how Texas adoption can bring peace while providing a legacy of love for a child.

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