Legacy Adoption Services

North Richland Hills Adoption Partners

We value our relationships with local North Richland Hills adoption professionals

It takes many hands and hearts to facilitate an adoption. Doctors, counselors, hospital staff and attorneys are all vital participants in the adoption process. At Legacy, we are intentional about networking with our North Richland Hills adoption partners in order to remain trusted leaders in the industry.

Legacy adoption counselors service areas across the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Much of our span is made possible with the help of our North Richland adoption partners. We work with industry experts to compassionately ensure peaceful solutions for families seeking adoption.

Who are some of our North Richland Hills adoption partners?

During an adoption, the expectant parents, adoptive family, physicians, social workers, lawyers and others work together for the benefit of the child. Our role is to serve as the facilitator between all these parties to ensure a seamless, fair and loving adoption process.

The following list includes the types of North Richland Hills adoption partners we frequently work with.

  • Medical staff. This may include the expectant mother’s OBGYN, labor and delivery nurses, postnatal care providers, primary care physician, mental health professionals and others. The well-being of each expectant mother is very important to us. Part of our job is to ensure she is receiving appropriate healthcare services.
  • Attorneys. There are many experienced and knowledgeable adoption lawyers in the North Richland Hills area. We work with these legal experts to help parents understand the legalities of adoption, including waiving parental consent, post-adoption contracts and finalization.
  • Social service providers. Adoption counselors serve both expectant and adoptive families. Adoptive families work with their social worker during the Home Study process and temporary custody visits before finalization. The social worker also partners with the expectant parents to provide counseling, connect them with government services and facilitate a relationship with the adoptive family.

A list of our North Richland Hills adoption partners

Below are some of the professionals we frequently work with while facilitating North Richland Hills adoptions.