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My Daughter Is Pregnant

My daughter is pregnant

Hearing that your unwed daughter is pregnant is not something any parent wants to hear. Not because it will make you love her any less, but because you know her life is about to change drastically.

Your daughter’s emotions are tremendous and the best thing you can do for her right now is stay calm. Put your emotions aside, take a deep breath and listen to her. Let her talk to you without any judgements. She needs your love and kindness right now, not your tough love and adult wisdom. More than likely your daughter has been keeping her pregnancy a secret from you, because she is afraid of how you will react. You have a chance to show your daughter what grace really is. God did not turn His back on you when you fell short, so do not turn your back on her.

What about her future?

As a parent, you might be very upset because you know how hard raising a child actually is. However, that does not need to be your first thought. You want your daughter to choose life before everything else. Religious or not, you might consider an abortion to save your daughter’s reputation, her future and your family’s reputation, but we encourage you to think past those worldly thoughts. Consider how an abortion might affect your daughter’s physical and emotional well-being. Abortion is not the easy way out and it will be something she remembers forever. Encourage her to choose life.

Choosing life does not always mean parenting though. Adoption could be a great option for your daughter. Adoptions today are very different from the closed ones of 30 years ago. Modern adoption plans allow the mother to select a family for her child and get to know the family that will raise your child, if you wish you. Birth mothers in open adoptions are allowed to know how he or she is doing. They can stay in touch by pictures, letters, online social media accounts, and even occasional phone calls and visits. This will allow her and you to feel involved without giving up on her future.

It can be hard to accept that your daughter is pregnant, but adoption might be a great way to transition from this adversity. At Legacy Adoption Services, we offer FREE confidential options counseling for both moms and dads in an unplanned pregnancy.

Contact a Legacy Options Counselor now by phone, chat or email to begin this necessary discussion. Talking to a counselor means you want help learning about options. Legacy is available 24/7 to help you.